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5 Valuable Learnings From The Life Of Lord Krishna

5 Valuable Learnings From The Life Of Lord Krishna

It is popularly known that Lord Krishna is one of the greatest teachers of all times and we have multiple incidences to prove that. He has always been the guiding light for the Pandavas in their times of turmoil and unsurety.

Few examples that come to my head naturally are Krishna suggesting Bhima play it smart when it comes to killing Jarasandha king, his valuable teachings to Yudhisthira, his ever-extending support and words of wisdom to Draupadi, his rightful vision of the Mahabharata war and convincing the Pandavas from time to time about their righteous path. One of the most important works of his teaching is Bhagavad Gita and his briefing to Arjuna.

Historical texts have clearly stated that Lord Krishna is the ultimate teacher and to absorb his teachings, you have to keep your eyes and mind open. It is you who has to bring this change in yourself with direction and guidance from the great Lord Krishna.

Lesson 1: Fulfil your duty without thinking about the results

Bhagavad Gita speaks extensively about one’s duties and how one should always fulfil it come what may the situation be. Lord Krishna here tries to tell one and all that it is very important to fulfil your duty as it is your responsibility. It is futile thinking about the results. You should be driven by the want to fulfil your duty without thinking about the reward for the duty.

Lesson 2: The key to happiness is decreasing desires

One can find total happiness in life when he/she lowers his parameters of desires. Learn to be happy with what you have been blessed in life. That does not mean that you stop taking efforts to make your life better but it simply means that you stop being greedy for more.

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Lesson 3: The do-er of good deeds will be rewarded with good in life

Historical learnings bring us back to one of the strongest points that we were all taught as kids, “Do good and good will happen to you”. Lord Krishna goes on to explain the same thing to everyone. The chakra of life will make sure that your good deed is rewarded with good results at the end.

Lesson 4: Happiness is all within you. It is merely a state of mind

This lesson is particularly important as nowadays everything one does is attached to an ulterior motive. One needs to remember that happiness is merely a state of mind. It has nothing to do with the world outside and the people surrounding you. It is a choice that you make to overlook the sadness and choose happiness even in the most uncomfortable situations.

Lesson 5: Walk the righteous path of Dharma

No matter what happens in life, it is crucial that we walk the path of dharma. Lord Krishna has explained to us the importance of dharma time and again. At your highs or at your lows, it becomes important to remember your roots and to make sure that you hold your head high with utmost truth and honesty. Dharma Yuddha is one of the biggest examples at our disposal to explain to us the importance of realising dharma and sticking by it.

The teachings of Lord Krishna can most definitely not be covered in one article. These are a few of the learnings that one must always remember and especially now when most have forgotten about the path of righteousness. People have started to settle for shortcuts in life due to the increasing pressure and disruption in the world. It will be of benefit to remember these few teachings of Lord Krishna to keep your mind calm and your purpose pure.

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