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9 Interesting Facts About Lord Krishna

9 Interesting Facts About Lord Krishna

Since Lord Krishna is the 9th avatar in the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu, we present to you 9 interesting facts about our beloved Lord Krishna.

Facts About Lord Krishna

1. Lord Krishna was dark and not blue

Lord Krishna’s colour has been described as blue primarily in many historical writings but it comes to be known that he was not actually blue. He had a darker complexion. He was also very good looking and a natural charmer. Many kathak dancers and writers call him Shyam meaning one of a darker complexion backing up the fact.

2. Lord Krishna’s had once advised people to worship Govardhan mountain

It was a usual day for the residents of Vrindavan. They were on their way to workshop Lord Indra for the rain. Krishna stopped them midway and explained to them the importance of mother nature and the Govardhan mountain. He asked them to worship the mountain and nature instead of Lord Indra. This called for Indra’s rage over Vrindavan and led to the flooding of the entire town. Lord Krishna then picked up the mountain on his finger and saved his fellow villagers. Yet another presentation of his divine self.

3. Draupadi & Krishna shared an unbreakable bond

Through the chapters of Mahabharata, it is very evident that Lord Krishna and Draupadi shared a very special bond. Their bond was one of its kind. Krishna addressed Draupadi as his Sakhi and Draupadi addressed Krishna as his Sakha. He was always there to guide her and be her biggest support system.

4. Krishna is the originator of Kathak

It is a very well known fact that Krishna loved art and culture. When Krishna left Mathura, the residents started narrating his stories through the form of dancing and singing. This later came to be known as Kathak. It can be safely said that Krishna was and continues to be the inspiration for all kathak dancers.

5. Krishna and Pandavas were cousins

Kunti (Mother to Pandavas) and Krishna’s Father Vasudev were brother and sister making Pandavas and Krishna cousins. He shared a strong bond with the Pandavas but it was strongest with Arjuna. He guided Arjuna to fight the war of Mahabharata as it was his dharma to do so.

6. Lord Krishna adapted his universal form at various times

Shri Krishna gave a glimpse of his divine form to many people at various times. Some of the ones to remember particularly are – Yashoda Maa and baby Krishna eating sand, Krishna killing his uncle Kans to free up his parents, Krishna killing Shishupaal during the coronation of Yudhistira, Reciting the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, in the final moments of Maharathi Karna and Guru Dronacharya, explaining the importance of dharma to Bhishma Pitamaha.

7. It was Lord Krishna’s plan to take Arjuna away from the battlefield on the 13th day

For dharma to win and for unjust and evil to be over in the world, Krishna had devised a plan which required Abhimanyu to be killed in the Mahabharata war. It was important for Abhimanyu to die on the battlefield. One of the reasons for that is for igniting the ultimate rage in Arjuna. Arjuna was not using his powers to the full strength due to the fear and guilt of fighting his own family and elders. Hence to unleash the wrath completely, Lord Krishna devised the plan of taking him away from the battlefield.

8. Krishna planned to kill Jayadratha

One of the most interesting and intelligently planned fights was that of Jayadratha (King of Sindhu) and Arjuna. It was said that if Arjuna fails to kill Jayadratha on day 14, then he would have to witness Agni Pariksha (Ordeal of Fire). Shakuni planned to keep Jayadratha in the tents till the very end of the day. Krishna placed his Sudarshan chakra strategically over the sun making it look like it was the end of the day. When Jayadratha came to the battlefield he removed his chakra and guided Arjuna to kill the king. Arjuna killed Jayadratha using Pashupatastra.

9. Krishna is considered the ultimate god

There are various writings that suggest that Lord Krishna is the ultimate or supreme god and it is he who has 10 incarnations instead of Lord Vishnu. Bhagavad Gita suggests that one must submit his doubts and consider Lord Krishna as the ultimate god to adapt his learnings in an optimum manner.

Lord Krishna surely led a very interesting life making it so encapsulating for the readers to read. I hope you enjoyed these interesting facts about Lord Krishna.

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