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A Cure For Lakshmana Has Been Found

A Cure For Lakshmana Has Been Found

It was the worst day of Rama’s life. Rama had faced many troubles in his life. He had lost his father while he was away, and his wife got kidnapped by Ravana and was taken to Lanka. However, he never felt so devastated and broken. His brother Laxman was on his deathbed. It was an occasion where Ravana had successfully managed to hurt Rama. Rama had a fair run of victories and it was almost as if he had won the war. Little did he know that now he would face such a worse moment. Indrajit had succeeded in using his powers to wound Laxman very badly. The army panicked and they had no hope left them. When their doctor came and saw Laxman, he said that the wound was fatal and he would not be able to cure Laxman. Laxman needed a specialist surgeon and vaidya had massive experience in curing battle wounds. Vibhishan then suggested Hanuman go and fetch Sushen Vaidya. Hanuman immediately left to find him.

After finding him for a long time, Hanuman managed to spot Sushen Vaidya and brought him to Laxmana. Sushen Vaidya agreed to help Rama as he knew that doctors do not discriminate and help every ailing person. He diagnosed Laxman and also stated that he could be cured if they managed to bring the herbs from the Dronagiri mountain. He needed the Sanjeevani herb in particular and some other herbs which only were found there.

Hanuman immediately agreed to fetch the herbs. However, he was diffident that he might not be able to spot the herbs the doctor wants to have and that would be too risky. The army encouraged him to go and do the courageous task. It was only Hanuman that could go and bring it as soon as possible. Hanuman then immediately agreed to leave and said goodbye to Rama.

However, the journey to Dronagiri was long. It was miles away and even with the flight powers, Hanuman would take time to reach there. He went ahead and flew at full speed. As he left, he heard a voice.

“ O Hanuman, you are the son of Wind God and you would reach your destination in no time. I pray you, please rest on me and make me fortunate enough. “

Hanuman was surprised to hear this sound out of nowhere. He looked here and there but found no one. Then, he looked below and found a mountain that said the same to it. He had just started his journey, so he said,

“ Thank you for your warm hospitality and offer. I really appreciate you doing this for me. However, I am in a hurry and I cannot even afford to waste a second. So I would not be able to wait or rest even for a second. I humbly thank you for the offer but I have to reject it. I hope you understand my state of mind. “

Saying this, Hanuman flew faster towards his destination.

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