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Akampana - The Story Of Ravana's Uncle

Akampana – The Story Of Ravana’s Uncle

Indrajit’s Nagraksh arrow managed to put the two brothers unconscious. The first day of the war was heavy on both sides. Rama’s army had a blow as they had lost their two most powerful warriors to a deceptive attack of Indrajit. Ravana’s army had lost warriors like Prahasta, Durmukh, and Mrugraksha. Rama and Laxmana were then revived by Garuda, the uncle of Sampati and Jatayu. Now, both sides had an idea of how powerful their enemy is and what they can do. It was time for strong strategies and smart actions. Ravana did understand this and now, he was in consultation with Akampana, his uncle. Akampana had a strong influence on Ravana and he knew that Ravana could be influenced and manipulated easily. He did praise and spoke highly of Rama’s army. Ravana got furious and ordered Akampan to enter the battlefield and defeat them once and for all.

The second day of the battle began. Rama was busy fighting Ravana while Laxman now knew how to handle Indrajit. However, a wreck was caused by Akampana. Hanuman saw this and thought this is his enemy and his fight now. He went to Akampana. Soon, the two warriors were at each other’s throats. Akampana also had deceptive powers and could use illusions to mislead the whole army. He successfully made a large chunk of the army fall for his trap. Hanuman started fighting him. First, he kept the battle simple and did not give in all his power.

As the battle continued, Vibhishan started to tell Hanuman about the deeds of Akampana. Vibhishan said, “Oh Vayuputra! Kill this demon. He is Akampana and he is my uncle. He was the person who instigated Ravana to kidnap Sita. In fact, it was Akampana who had come to fight after Laxmana broke Shurpankha’s nose. He survived luckily and now, he is still fighting for Ravana. He ought to be killed. I feel miserable to say that he is my uncle and I also know that I should never fight my own family but I am now on the side of Dharma and Dharma should succeed!”

Hanuman listened to all this and replied while fighting with Akampana.

“O Vibhishan, thank you for telling me the truth about this demon I am fighting. He is a manipulator and an instigator. He is the reason why Ravana kidnapped Mother Sita and he shall pay the price for it. You are definitely a courageous soul that has the courage to fight against your own family and favour Dharma!”

And as he completed speaking, Hanuman put his full strength into the fight and before no time, Akampana was killed by Hanuman. As Akampana was dying, he was shocked to see so much power and strength in a Vanara. He could not understand what was happening and before he could speak anything, he died. Hanuman then moved on to help others and soon, the second day was a delightful victory for Rama and his army.

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