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Angada Visits Lanka With A Peace Truce

Angada Visits Lanka With A Peace Truce

Rama’s army had built the bridge with the help of stones with the name of Rama on it. As they moved towards Lanka, Vibhishan met them and expressed his desire to join Rama. After some scrutiny by the army, Rama happily welcomed him to join his army. After a tedious and challenging journey, they finally reached Lanka. They rested on the seashore and they set their camp. The war was very near and Rama felt that the destruction could be avoided if they could strike a peace truce with Ravana. Hence, he asked Angada, the son of Vali and Tara to go to Ravana and offer a peaceful truce. Angada happily agreed and proceeded to the court of Ravana.

Angada entered the court of Ravana and said, “Hey King of Lanka, I represent Rama and I have come here in peace. Please accept the peace truce and release Sita from your captivity. There shall be no war then and everyone can live with peace and prosperity.“

Ravana laughed at this and said, “Filthy Vanara, who are you to tell me what to do and why should I even listen to you? You seem wild and uncivilized. Go back and tell your Rama that I would not release Sita no matter what happens.”

Angada replied, “I am Angada, the son of Vali. Vali was the king who defeated you and you were in your armpits for six months. If you think that we are powerless and have no strength, I challenge you to move my right foot. Move it even by an inch on the ground and I shall back out from the army of Rama.”

Ravana was embarrassed at the remark of the Angada and he got furious. He ordered his soldiers to accept the challenge and show Angada his place. Many soldiers went and tried to move the foot but they could not even move a millimetre from the place. Ravana saw this and then ordered his generals and son Indrajit to do the honours. The generals tried to no avail. Indrajit went and neither could he do anything to the foot of Angada. Ravana was shocked now and he got up to do the challenge.

As Ravana bent down, his crown fell down. Angada took the crown and threw it toward Rama. And before Ravana could touch his foot, he took it back and said to Ravana, “O Ravana, if you want to touch the foot, touch the feet of Rama and surrender. Avoid this war and let everyone live in peace. No point in touching my foot. If my foot has so much power and strength, just imagine the power that an army of Vanara can have.“

A furious Ravana immediately ordered the soldiers to kill him. The soldiers were scared but knew that disobeying Ravana could cost them their life. So they went to grab Angada. Before they could do so, Angada flew away from the top of the palace and reached Rama.

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