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Arrogance Of Ravana Leads To War

Arrogance Of Ravana Leads To War

Angada returned to Rama and narrated the series of events to Rama. He explained the arrogance of Ravana. The whole army applauded Angada for his skills, strength, and bravery. They were in praise of him. Vibhishana also recognized the crown of Ravana and presented it to Rama. Rama in turn bestowed the crown to Vibhishan and told him to take care of it and keep it safe. However, as the narration ended and the praises got over, they had a herculean task to do now. They had to prepare for the war now and be ready to kill or be killed. Everyone started training and strategizing. They went to their camps and sharpened their swords and filled their quiver with arrows. Preparations were in full swing and the war was about to begin.

Meanwhile, Ravana was approached by Mandodari as well as Kaikesa. Mandodari was his wife and she told that it would be a great idea to return Sita to Rama and opt for a peaceful truce rather than to lose so many lives in a war. Ravana belittled Mandodari saying that she did not have faith in her husband and was asking him to give up. Mandodari goes away feeling insulted. Kaikesa comes and tells her son to stop the war from happening. Rama is no ordinary person and this might cost a loss of lives. Ravana ridiculed this comment and he was now very angry that no one from his side wanted him to fight. He thought that no one actually believed in his power and strength and the war was the perfect example to prove his might. Thus, he prepared for the war and let his arrogance overshadow his senses.

The day of war had come. There were two armies on the battlefield now. It was either do or die. Every warrior was at their prime and all of them had prepared for this for a long time. And the war began. Each person was attacking and handling another warrior according to their skills and strengths. Hanuman battled Durmukh, the leader of Ravana’s army. Prahast was in battle with Lakshamana. Makraksha, the son of Ravana’s brother Khar, was in battle with Rama. It was a fierce battle and everyone was fighting at their full power.

Soon, the wind of victory sailed towards Rama’s side. Durmukh, Prahast, and Makraksha were killed by Hanuman, Lakshamana, and Rama respectively. Angada wiped out the whole army of Ravana and there was defeat written all over. Ravana was enraged. The arrogance of Ravana led to this war and he had to win it at any cost. He called upon his most skilled and trusted warrior- Indrajit to battle Rama. Ravana could not take the defeat and now he was left with no choice but to ask Indrajit to join the battle. Indrajit came to know about the deaths of his dear ones. He could not bear the fact that his cousins and uncle were killed by an army of puny Vanaras. He geared up to fight and was in fury to defeat this army. And he went to the battlefield. Now, it was the fight for avenging the death of his dear ones for Indrajit.

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