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Aruna - God Of Uranus And The Sky

Aruna – God Of Uranus And The Sky

Uranus is an ice planet, one of the first found through a telescope back in 1781. It is the seventh planet from the sun and is four times larger than earth. The name of this planet comes from the Greek god of the sky. Uranus is a ringed planet having 27 moons. It is known as Harshal, Prajapati or Aruna in Indian astrological terms. It is considered to bring about change and revolution in a person’s life. Uranus works towards promoting individuality and freedom to a person making him more capable of taking his decisions.

This planet stays in each zodiac sign for seven long years. It has the ability to bring about a change in any individual that prays to the planet. It is considered to be one of the benefic planets in the solar system. Uranus is also known to bring about an unexpected and sudden change in one’s life. The energy of this planet comes off as very strong and dominant energy. It stands firmly for intelligence, wit and thought-provoking nature in a person. Hence we can say that it works very well for people who are working in the areas of aeroplane and space control, scientific research, atomic research and archaeology, inventions and discoveries. It promotes deep research, breakthroughs, technological advancements and overall development of a person and the organisation.

Uranus according to Hinduism or Vedic scriptures is associated with Aruna. If we have to understand the various aspects of the planet, it is very important to understand Aruna as well. Aruna is the name of the charioteer of Sun (Surya). The name bends towards the meaning of red and hence the personification of it is the reddish glow of the sun during its time of rising. He is the elder brother of Garuda (divine king of birds). Their father is the Vedic rishi Kashyapa and their mother is Vinata.

To tell the tale of Aruna’s birth, Kadru and Vinata were the two wives of Kashyapa. They wanted to have children to which Kashyapa granted them a blessing. Kadru was blessed with 1000 naga sons as her wish and Vinata only asked for two sons. The eggs had to be incubated for 500 hundred years. Vinata grew impatient when Kadru was blessed with a thousand sons. Out of eagerness and excitement, she broke one of the eggs and there emerged a bright and shining red light from the egg introducing “Aruna” to the world. Due to him being born prematurely, he was not as shiny as the afternoon sun but he had the colour and shine of the morning sun.

Aruna is also mentioned prominently in the greatest epics known to mankind – Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is said that he married Shyeni and had two children Jatayu & Sampati who had their fair share in the success of the protagonist in the epic. The legend talks about the sun god offering Aruna – his divine charioteer to his son – Karna but Karna had refused to accept it out of the wish to be exclusive and to not rely on others to win in the war.

Aruna rules the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Its influence is largely seen in Scorpio and Taurus zodiac signs and it reflects poorly on the Leo sign. This planet holds a very powerful position in the thinking department and defines sincerity in truth in human beings. It adopts many traits from Mars (Mangala). Hence it is known to bring major and metamorphic changes in the kingdom, ruling power and patterns, political situations of the country in today’s day and age.

Aruna or Uranus always pushes a person to celebrate the individuality of oneself. He is the god of the heavens and the sky and he signifies a forward-looking approach. This greenish-white planet promotes originality just like itself. He is one of the most unique planets in the entire solar system. It is linked to anything and everything that is progressive in nature and motivates one to change his life for the better. It celebrates the individuality, uniqueness and originality that each one is born with and continues to nurture through his lifetime. The planet also stands for novelty, ingenuity, enlightenment, objectivity and the negatives of Uranus can be rebellious behaviour against order or authority and irresponsibility showcased by humans.

Now, we know that this planet is in charge of stimulating a positive and motivational thought process in the minds of its followers and worshippers. Here are some more facts about the planet Uranus. This planet was mentioned in the texts of Mahabharata epic identifying his colours. Uranus is considered a revolutionary planet. Just like a revolutionary works towards breaking redundant beliefs and promoting new thoughts, Uranus has the nature to break old beliefs and rigid thoughts. It elevates and advances new structures. It paves the way for their building, discovering and amplifying. This planet believes in democracy and a free mind. It hardly ever lets anyone dominate or torture oneself just the kind of clarity required in each human being right now.

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