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Barbarik - The Unsung Hero Of Mahabharata

Barbarik – The Unsung Hero Of Mahabharata

Mahabharata has many unknown yet highly important characters that played a mighty role in the events that lead to the war. One such character is the character of Barbarik, the son of Ghatotkach and Maurvi.

Barbarik was born to Ghatotkach and Maurvi. Maurvi made sure that Barbarik became a skilled warrior and excelled in all forms of martial arts. Maurvi herself was a warrior and had learnt various martial arts. Barbarik was so impressive in his skills and combat training that his dedication and commitment impressed Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gave him a boon of Three arrows. The three arrows that could decide the fate of Mahabharata in just one minute.

Lord Krishna had heard about this miraculous feat and wanted to test the authenticity of this claim. He went to Barbarik and asked him how long it would take him to finish the battle. He answered just one minute. Lord Krishna then asked him how would it be so and Barbarik explained the magic that his divine arrows possess. He had three arrows. His first arrow could mark whatever he wanted to destroy. His second could mark what he wanted to keep safe, and the third arrow would go and destroy the elements that were marked by arrow one.

Krishna wanted to see this and asked Barbarik to show this. Barbarik told that he would mark all the leaves of the tree and they would be then destroyed by the next arrow. He then released the arrows and they destroyed all the leaves but after that, it kept hovering around the feet of Krishna. Krishna asked as to why is that happening to which Barbarik replies that there must be a leaf under your leg. Krishna lifted his leg and the leaf was destroyed by the arrow. Some stories even say that the arrow pierced through the leg to the leaf and which is why Krishna is later killed by a hunter when the hunter shoots an arrow on his leg.

Madhav asked what side he would be in the war. Barbarik replies that he has made a promise to his mother that he would only support the weaker side. Krishna explains the dilemma of choice to him and how his action can be destructive. Whatever side he chooses, the opposite shall get weaker and if he keeps shifting sides, he would be the lone survivor of the war. Krishna then offers him that he would be the judge of the war and his head would be offered to the God of wars before the battle begins. Barbarik accepts this fate and his head is then placed at the top of a mountain from which he witnesses every event of the war.

Interestingly, he is also one of the few people who could listen and witness the Vishwaroop of Krishna while he gave the lesson of Gita to Arjuna. After the war ends, Barbarik declares Krishna as the ultimate soldier of the war because of which everything happens and he is the mightiest of all.

Hence, Barbarik becomes the ultimate emblem of sacrifice and war. For his contribution to the war, he is often referred to as Sheesh Daani, Khatushyam, and Baliya Dev.

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