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Bhadra - The Eighth Wife Of Krishna

Bhadra – The Eighth Wife Of Krishna

Bhadra is the daughter of Drishtaketu and Shrutakirti. She is married to Lord Krishna and belongs to the Yaduvansh post her marriage. She is also known as Dwarkeshwari and was humbly living in Dwarka. Bhadra has been mentioned primarily in the epic of Mahabharata written by Ved Vyas and Bhagavata Purana. She is the eighth wife of Krishna but there is a certain confusion about that. Some texts have also mentioned her to be the seventh wife of Shri Krishna. Texts like Harivamsa and Vishnu Purana have not listed Bhadra in their list of Ashtabharyas. They have rather said that she was the daughter of Drishtaketu. She was also the princess of the land of Kekeya. Due to relations from the paternal end, she happens to be the cousin of Shri Krishna.

“Bhadra Kalyanam” is a book in the Telugu language penned by Dr K V Krishnakumari. The meaning of the title of this book gives away the context of it as well. We can very well say that the theme, the story and the contents of this book are easily explained via the title. Bhadra Kalyanam means the marriage of Bhadra. Author of the book “Bhadra Kalyanam” has described Bhadra as an avatar of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi is the wife of supreme lord Vishnu. It just makes sense as Krishna is considered to be the eighth avatar of Vishnu. It is assumed that his wives would like to incarnate and take the role of being his wife in each one of his avatars. She has called Bhadra Krishna’s second wife and says that Bhadra is an amalgamation of beauty, purity, love, care and undying devotion.

Let’s find out about her life and her marriage to Lord Krishna. She is the princess of the Kaikeya kingdom ruled by Drishtaketu. Her mother, Shrutakirti was the sister of Kunti and the cousin sister of Vasudeva. Vasudeva was Krishna’s father and Kunti was the mother of Pandavas. This makes Bhadra a cousin to Krishna and all the Pandavas. There are some stories of her marriage that indicate her five brothers choosing Krishna as her suitor. Her eldest brother and the prince of Kaikeya kingdom got her married to Shri Krishna. This is one story suggested by the texts. There is one more which says that there was a swayamvar ceremony arranged to find the best husband for Bhadra. Shri Krishna participated in this ceremony and won the hearts of the entire family. He went on to make Bhadra his wife and took her to Dwarka.

Bhadra had ten sons like most of the wives of Lord Krishna. This information is provided in the Bhagavata Purana. Her sons are Sangaramajit, Shura, Arijit, Jaya, Subhadra, Vama, Ayur, Brihatsena, Praharana and Satyaka. Sangramjit is the eldest of them and Satyaka is the youngest. Shri Krishna visited Hastinapur to seek blessings from his aunt, Kunti. Draupadi welcomed his wives and greeted them with gifts.

Just like most of Krishna’s wives, Bhadra met with a similar fate. She sacrificed herself in the pyre of Krishna and performed the act of Sati. This has been explained in the Mausala Parva of Mahabharata. Bhagavata Purana mentions the same incident and names 3 more wives who performed Sati.

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