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Bhima - The Mightiest Pandava Brother

Bhima – The Mightiest Pandava Brother

Bhima was the son of Vayu Dev and Kunti. Kunti used her boon by Sage Durvasa to call Vayu Dev as she wanted a son who is strong, powerful, and noble. The son was Bhima. He is also the spiritual brother of Lord Hanuman as they share the same father in the Wind God.

Bhima was a skilled warrior and the best mace fighter. He was trained by two of the greatest teachers, Drona and Kripa. Of course, the guidance of Bhishma was always there with all the sons of Hastinapur. He also learnt other martial arts under them and hand fighting. He was the strongest of all the sons and he would invite any of the Kauravas to fight him in the ground. They were easily defeated by him and he would boast about his strength. Bhima was also keen on playing practical jokes on the Kauravas and would leave no chance to belittle them.

Duryodhana was enraged by this and they two shared hatred for each other. Duryodhana plans to kill him twice- by giving him food laced with poison and by drowning him in the river Ganga after poisoning him. Duryodhana managed to give him food that poisoned him and drowned him in the river Ganga. The Ganga river was full of snakes that bit him. The plot of Duryodhana backfired when the poison from the Nagas acted as an antidote to the poison of Duryodhana. Seeing his might and valour, the god of Nagas gave him a potion that would enhance his strength to that of 10,000 elephants.

Bhima played a vital role in their escape from the burning wax palace trap laid by Duryodhana for the Pandavas as he would make a way in the palace and he also managed to trap Purochana – the one who had plotted this trap. The Pandavas hid from the eyes of Duryodhana and Kauravas after the wax palace trap to avoid any further harm. During that time, Bhima killed various monsters such as Bakasura and Hidimba. Bakasura caused harm to the villagers and was a nuisance to them. Hidimba was a tortuous king who would torture Hidimbi, his sister. Bhima saved her and killed Hidimba, eventually marrying her and having Ghatotkacha from their marriage.

The Pandavas came out to the Kauravas and demanded their right to the kingdom and they were given Khandavprastha which was transformed to Indraprastha. Bhima played an important role by defeating Jarasandha with the guidance of Krishna and helping themselves with the Rajasuya Yagna.

Bhima also killed Kichaka who tried to molest Draupadi while they were in exile. Eventually, Bhima became the strength of the Pandavas and he killed each of the Kauravas in the war. He could also have killed Karna was it not for the oath of Arjuna as he had multiple chances to do so.

He was the commander in Chief of Hastinapur after Yudhishthira claimed the throne. Bhima falls down while ascending to heaven because of his pride in strength and his lust for battles.

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