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Birth Of Krishna - The Story Of Krishna Janam | कृष्ण जन्म की कहानी

Birth Of Krishna – The Story Of Krishna Janam

Krishna Janam is celebrated as Janmashtami in India. It is a major Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Krishna. On the eighth day of Bhadrapada, Krishna was born. He was born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh. The birth of Lord Krishna marks the end of the Dvapara era and the beginning of the Kal Yuga. He is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu who was born to end adharma on Earth.

Before Krishna was born, Kansa was the ruler. He had a sister named Devaki. Kansa was a tyrannical king who put his own father in the dungeon to take the throne. People weren’t happy under his rule because of his cruelty. Kansa loved his sister and got her married to Vasudeva, the prince of the Yadava clan. It was a grand affair and the entire city was a witness to it.

Kansa himself was driving his sister and brother-in-law to the palace. On the way, a divine voice was heard. It came with a prophecy that the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudeva would end Kansa’s life. Kansa got enraged on hearing this. He threatened to kill his sister before she gave birth to her eighth kid. Vasudev pleaded with Kansa not to kill Devaki. He said that killing his own sister on her wedding day would be very wrong. Vasudev pledged that they would give up every kid they had. Kansa pledged to protect Devaki if Vasudev maintained his word and gave up their children.

Kansa imprisoned them in the dungeons to ensure Devaki and Vasudeva didn’t go back on their word. One day when Kansa learned that Devaki had given birth to a kid. Kansa went straight to the dungeon and asked Devaki to hand up the infant, but when she refused, he took the kid away. She was devastated. But Kansa didn’t stop, he murdered the infant coldly. Kansa then murdered the following five kids born. Devaki was expecting her eighth child. The seventh child was miraculously borne to Rohini, Vasudev’s second wife, who resided in Gokul. Balrama was the name given to the seventh kid. Kansa was informed by the guards that the seventh kid had yet to be delivered. 

A tremendous storm occurred in Mathura on the eighth day of the month of Shravan. Devaki was expecting her eighth kid. Lord Vishnu appeared to Vasudev and Devaki and told them that their prayers to rescue the baby had been answered. Lord Vishnu informed them that he would be their eighth child. Lord Vishnu instructed Vasudev to take the infant to Gokul and exchange it for the child born to Nanda Gopal and Yashoda. Lord Vishnu then vanished.

Lord Krishna was born to Devaki at the stroke of midnight. The shackles that bound Vasudev and Devaki were mysteriously broken. The jail doors slid wide, revealing all the troops dozing out. Krishna was carefully kept in a basket on his head. Vasudev made his way toward Gokul. Vasudev was accompanied on their voyage by Vasuki the snake, who protected them. This was the serpent on which Lord Vishnu sat in the sky. To keep Krishna dry, the snake extended his five-headed hood over the basket Vasudev was carrying. Vasudev arrived at the Yamuna River’s bank. To Vasudev’s surprise, the river split, providing him with a safe passage. Vasudev arrived in Gokul.

Yashoda, Nanda’s wife, had given birth to a baby girl. Vasudev lovingly placed Krishna in the cradle and returned to Mathura with the girl. Vasudev returned to the dungeon, where the guards were still asleep and the jail doors were still open. The jail door closed as soon as he was reunited with Devaki, and the guards awoke from their deep sleep to the sound of the newborn girl screaming. When the guards heard the newborn scream, they promptly reported the child’s birth to Kansa.

Kansa walked inside the dungeon and demanded that Devaki hand up the infant. Vasudev implored Kansa, asking him to spare the girl’s life. Kansa refused to listen to any of their pleadings. The child escaped his grasp and ascended into the air, turning into Goddess Durga. She told him their child is in Gokul and would come to kill him when the time comes. Years later, Krishna fulfills this prophecy and kills Kansa. This is the story of the birth of Krishna.

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