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Brihaspati - The Teacher Of The Gods

Brihaspati – The Teacher Of The Gods

A planet appraised for spreading fortune, wealth, devotion, spirituality, luck, fame, charity, morality, meditation etc, Brihaspati is known to be the second most beneficial planet after Venus. It is one of the most auspicious planets and is known as Guru, Devagura and Brihaspati in Vedic astrology. When broken down, these names mean lord of light, teacher to gods and teacher in Sanskrit. Jupiter elevates the zodiac sign Cancer and debilitates the sign Capricorn.

The dual governance of the planet Jupiter rules the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Lawyers, magistrates, government leaders and religious leaders in the government or religious aspect are seen to have an influence of Jupiter on their behaviours. Liver, thighs, blood circulation, fat, hearing organs, lower abdomen, hips and malignancy are some of the organs ruled by Jupiter. In the absence of a strong Jupiter’s presence in a person’s chart, he may be troubled with jaundice, swelling, tuberculosis, arthritis, elephantiasis and liver ailments.

Moon (Chandra), Mars (Mangala) and Sun (Surya) are the friends of this planet whereas Mercury (Budha) and Venus (Shukra) are its enemies. Gemini, Rahu and Ketu are the neutral planets with Jupiter. Jupiter signifies good fortune and long journeys. It stands for dharma, righteousness, justice and makes a person conscious about his spiritual well being. The planet is a good signification of wealth and finance. It is considered that a female is blessed with a strong and steady relationship with her husband if Jupiter is placed well in her charts.

Pokhraj which is the yellow sapphire gemstone or yellow topaz are the stones ruled by Jupiter and Gold is the metal ruled by the planet. The auspicious day for this planet is Thursday and the direction is Northeast. Jupiter is known to represent scriptures, philosophy, sacred scriptures and wisdom. It is the guider and teacher of astrology & astronomy. The person who is graced by Jupiter receives respect from others. Respect, elderly quality and business is something that is enjoyed by a person impacted by Jupiter.

Punarvasu, Visakha and Purva Bhadra are the constellations ruled by Jupiter. It is a Sattva Guna that has qualities of positivity, serenity, goodness, balance, serenity and peacefulness. Jupiter is a male planet and those who are well placed with the planet often show signs of goodness, honesty, religiousness and have a peaceful temperament. It is characterized as one who gives guidance to the gods.

Worshipping Brihaspati or Jupiter results in various positives. It helps in curing ailments that are affecting the stomach area. It also helps greatly to gain strength, longevity and valor. One also prays to Guru for warding off from his/her sins and wrongdoings. Jupiter grants one with education, knowledge, child etc. He is known as the kind-hearted and generous lord who protects the world. He is often referred to as “Shreshta” (superior beyond match). One needs to study the Vedas thoroughly to understand the varied aspects of the planet.

Jupiter is the largest planet in the entire solar system and it comes nearest to the Sun (Surya) in terms of size. Striving in life, divinity, promise and enjoying fruit for past life’s actions are considered as a synonym and indication of Brihaspati.

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