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Budha - God of Mercury And Preserver of nature

Budha – God of Mercury And Preserver of nature

Messenger of God, the closest planet to the sun and enemy of the moon, Budha is a planet with command on wisdom, intelligence, humour and wit in a person. Mercury is known as Budha in Indian culture. This planet is known to rule the share of voice of a person along with the above-mentioned qualities. People also receive the virtues of being calm and have a composed nature.

Just like a coin has two sides, with the various behavioural benefits of mercury, there come some behavioural patterns that are not so beneficial for a person. A person who has the influence of mercury on his birth is bestowed with acute abilities of thought and thinking. However, they are also cursed with indecisiveness, unsurety and anxiety.

Vishnu, the supreme lord is the ruler of mercury. The planet has a strong influence on the air element. Surya (Sun) & Shukra (Venus) are friends with Mercury. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are neutral towards the mercury planet. Mercury is highly associated with the quality of intelligence, knowledge, business, education, excellence in reasoning and analytic abilities. In terms of subjects, maths, science, communication writing are associated with this planet. A strong ascendancy of mercury on a person makes him excellent in strategy.

Since communication is highly associated with planet Mercury, networking, accounts, trade, commerce, banking are some fields that are beneficial for a person with an impact of mercury planet on his life. Keeping the industries in mind we can chart out professions like reporters, lawyers, brokers, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, media personalities, mathematicians, chartered accountants, writers, content creators, content strategists, news reporters, salesperson, artists and software engineers to be a perfect fit for people with mercury in their birth chart.

5, 14 and 23 are the numbers associated majorly with Mercury. Emerald and Onyx gemstones are related to the planet and green and brown are the linked colours. Virgo and Gemini are the zodiac signs that are considered to work very well with Mercury, the dual governing planet. The ruling day for this planet is Wednesday and the ruling direction is North. Jyestha, Revati and Ashlesha are the constellations ruled by Mercury.

Some of the effects of having weak mercury in one’s birth chart lead to mental illness, difficulty in communication, speech, voice, low grasping power and overall dullness. This can be further explained by understanding the fact that the planet mercury is related to arms, ears, lungs, skin and nervous system. A person with a lack of mercury might experience more issues than just those related to the nervous system. He might fall prey to itchiness, neck piles etc. These are known as doshas (faults) which can be corrected by donating things like green flowers, green clothes, sugar, camphor (Kapur), moong dal etc on Wednesdays before sunrise.

The planet Budha rules liver, thighs, skin, breath and mucus in a person’s body and hence it can help us to identify more features of a person impacted by Mercury planet which is the sweet voice, heavy built, great sense of humour and loving nature.

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