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Daanveer Karna And The Ultimate Acts Of Charity

Daanveer Karna And The Ultimate Acts Of Charity

Karna is referred to as Daanveer Karna by many scholars. Mahabharata also gives him this name. He is known to be a selfless person who donated everything that he had and never thought about his own life in that process. We already saw how Karna was unaffected by Lord Krishna’s offer to become the king and take over endless wealth and power. Two more notable incidents seal his nature as Daanveer and make him the ultimate selfless person and epitome of kindness and charity. Let us have a look at them.

Karna and the protective armour & earrings

Karna was a powerful warrior and a relentless person who was skilled enough to face anyone in the war. Additionally, he was gifted with armour and earrings which made him invincible no matter who he fought with. This was a major advantage to Karna that he never boasted about or told anyone. A few days before the war began, Indra Dev, the father of Arjuna knew about the armour and earrings and planned to take them from Karna by hook or crook. Surya Dev came to know about the plot and warned Karna that no matter what, please do not give away these valuable protections to anyone that asks for them. He also told Karna that Indra would do anything to have these from Karna. Karna replied that he might die after he gives them away but his selfless nature would bring him fame and glory.

Indra came disguised as a Brahmin and asked for the armour and earrings. Karna tried to convince the Brahmin that he could take anything but the Brahmin was keen to get the protective equipment that Karna had. Karna understood the plan and recognized the Brahmin but he still gave away blood draped armour and the earrings. Indra was highly impressed with Karna and asked him why he gave them away even though he knew what can be the cost. Karna said that he wanted to win the war by his might and not because of some boon that he had got from God. Indra was very impressed with his selfless behaviour and thoughts that he gave Karna a missile that was one of the most powerful weapons and also gave him a boon that he would always be remembered as Daanveer Karna across ages for his deeds.

Karna and the Golden Tooth

As Karna lay on his death bed, Krishna tried to test him one final time. Krishna asked him if he could give him gold. Karna was badly injured and he could not move much. However, Karna broke his own Golden tooth and offered it to Krishna. Krishna refused the tooth as it was dirty and blood ridden. Karna prayed to the clouds and there was a rain shower that cleaned the tooth which he finally gave to Krishna. Lord Krishna blessed him with a boon that he would be in heaven for his deeds and the whole world shall remember him for everything he did. He would be referred to as the tragic hero of the Mahabharata.

Thus, the name Daanveer Karna was bestowed on the mighty warrior who lived a life full of troubles and misery.

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