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Draupadi - The Feminist In Times Of Mahabharata

Draupadi – The Feminist In Times Of Mahabharata

We all know that one of the main characters in Mahabharata is Draupadi. It is her Cheerharan that becomes the final blow for the Pandavas to seek revenge against the Kauravas and engage in such a horrific and monstrous war of Kurukshetra. Let us see the life of Draupadi in brief.

Draupadi was born to King Drupada along with Drishtadyumna in a Yajna that he did to get a son who could defeat the mighty Drona. Drona and Drupada had a tumultuous relationship and hated each other to the core. Drupada had insulted Drona when he came to the kingdom for alms whereas Drona gave the Pandavas and Kauravas a task to win over Drupada as a part of his Gurudakshina. Draupadi was born directly as a young woman, full of rage and ambition. It was predicted that she shall be the reason for the downfall of the Kauravas.

Draupadi then held a Swayamvar where she would choose the perfect husband for herself based on their skills and valour. There was a competition in which the eye of a fish was shot from the reflection in the water. Lord Krishna was also present at the Swayamvar and said that only two people are capable of doing this feat- Arjuna and Karna. She selected Arjuna and rejected Karna based on his lineage and background. This sowed the seeds of revenge in Karna.

Arjuna shot the fish’s eye and Draupadi was happy to marry him. Arjuna and the Pandavas went back home and told them that Arjuna had won a prize. Kunti told him without saying that distribute the prize amongst the five brothers equally. Draupadi was enraged with this statement and soon Kunti realized her mistake. Draupadi then chose to go with the words of Kunti. It is said that she had the boon of chastity and would be a virgin because of her dedication to Mugdhalaya. She would spend a year with one of his husbands and enjoy life in a divided way.

The most important and the most game-changing event of Mahabharata was the game of dice. Yudhisthir was very much attracted to this game of dice and he gambled everything from his kingdoms to his wife Draupadi in this game. He lost everything and Draupadi’s Cheerharan took place in a court full of righteous men. It was Lord Krishna who saved her by making sure that the cloth on her body would never get over. Dushasana got tired of taking out the cloth and gave up. An infuriated Draupadi would never forgive the husbands until they would seek revenge and give Duryodhana a befitting answer. This also led Bhima to promise her that he would kill each of the hundred brothers that had insulted her.

Thus, Draupadi was a character of unbent determination and courage. She had a troublesome life where she had to go through so many events that were not only tragic but also heartbreaking. She becomes the symbol of a modern feminist because of her relentless efforts for equality, equal rights, and justice.

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