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Hanuman Faces A Difficulty In Obtaining Herbs

Hanuman Faces A Difficulty In Obtaining Herbs

Laxmana was critically injured. Meghnaad had managed to injure him with a Brahmastra. Ravan and Indrajit were the happiest people then. The army of Rama was in a panic. Rama was completely clueless and felt helpless and clueless. They managed to get Sushen Vaidya, the doctor that had the knowledge to cure Laxmana. Although the wound was critical, Sushen Vaidya could cure Laxmana if he got the herbs he needed. The herbs he needed were at a distant mountain called Dronagiri. He wanted the Sanjeevani herb. Hanuman got ready to go and fetch this herb at once. He understood the directions from Sushen Vaidya and started his journey. He flew as fast as he could.

He saw many mountains and some also invited him to rest. However, he did not have a moment to spare and all he thought was of Rama and the critical condition of Laxmana. He could go as fast as he can and ignored every pain or exhaustion. As he flew, the army of Ravana got to know about this event and Ravana discussed this matter with his ministers. No one was ready to go and battle mighty Hanumana. He had shown his might by burning the Lanka and the ministers knew that it would be going into their own graves if they opted to fight him.

When Ravana saw no one ready to go, he told Kalnemi, his minister to go and fight him. Kalanemi hesitated first. He knew that this would not end well either way. If he refused Ravana, Ravana would kill him. Hanumana would kill him in the fight. He thought it is better to die in a fight with the mighty Hanumana than to die with Ravana.

Hanuman was flying and he saw a mighty mountain with a hermit sitting on it. The hermit said,

“ O Mighty Vanara, you seem no ordinary person and by your yogic powers, I can sense that you are in search of Rama’s quest. I pray you, tell me how can I help you. This whole mountain is mine. YOu can rest here and have as much food as you want. There is also a lake in which you can bathe and refresh yourself. Please accept my hospitality. “

Hanuman replied,

“ O Hermit, I thank you for this heartiest courtesy. I am in the search of Dronagiri mountain which has the Sanjeevani herb. Please show me the way there. I am short of time and I cannot spare a moment to eat or rest. However, I would like to bathe myself and refresh myself to be able to fly faster. Please help me. “

The hermit heard Hanuman’s plea and agreed to his request. However, he had one condition. He would only tell the directions once Hanuman comes after a bath in the lake. Thus, Hanuman agrees to go to the lake and bathe. Hanuman goes to the lake and starts bathing in it. Suddenly, he feels a pain in his leg. He looks around and finds a crocodile who has bitten him.

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