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Hanuman Fights Ravana's Son Akshay

Hanuman Fights Ravana’s Son Akshay

As Hanuman met Sita and gave her the ring from Rama, people around spotted him and immediately told Ravana. Ravana was now furious as to how can a simple monkey enter his massive kingdom and infiltrate without anyone’s knowledge. However, he was also smart enough to figure out that this is no ordinary monkey and would need someone powerful to deal with. Hence, he thought for a while and summoned his son, Akshay.

While Ravana was planning to kill Hanuman, Sita accepted the ring graciously and was eager to see Rama. She knew that it was not safe for Hanuman to stay around and immediately instructed him to go to a different place. Sensing the danger and the fact that this may also put Sita in danger, Hanuman immediately agreed and flew off to a different place in Ashokvatika. He was furious and wanted Ravana to pay the price for this heinous deed that he had done. Hence, he started breaking the garden and destroying everything around.

Ravana got this update and in no time, he ordered Akshay to kill this infiltrator. Akshay was only 16 years of age but he was trained in martial arts and learnt in all forms of war and strategy. Ravana was confident in sending Akshay and Akshay obeyed his father’s command. He went to Ashokvatika and immediately warned Hanuman.

“Who are you, ugly looking monkey and how dare you enter the Ashokvatika which is owned by none other than the most powerful man, Ravana? State your purpose and leave the garden now or you shall be killed!”

Hanuman noticed this young warrior and replied to him,

“Oh young warrior, I am Hanuman and I have come here just to deliver a message to Sita. I have done that and I shall punish your king for the heinous deed that he has done. He has kidnapped mother Sita and he shall pay the price. Do not come in my way or you too shall be a victim of my wrath.”

Akshay replied,

“Seems like you are someone who would not listen to words and peace treaties. So shall be. Let me conjure my weapon and teach you a lesson.”

Akshay summoned his mighty bow and put arrows on it. He aimed perfectly and shot them at Hanuman. Hanuman dodged them with ease. Akshay was furious now. He took his mace and went towards Hanuman and struck him. Hanuman replied to his attacks with his mace. Within no time, Akshay realized that he was no match for the mighty Hanuman. But Akshay did not give up and kept fighting. Hanuman knew that there was no choice but to kill this young warrior. He killed Akshay with two massive blows from his mace and Akshay was drained lifeless in some time.

Ravana came to know about this deed and his fury had no limits. He immediately ordered his soldiers to capture this Hanuman and bring him to the court or they shall pay the price of this.

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