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Hanuman Gears Up For His Journey To Lanka

Hanuman Gears Up For His Journey To Lanka

Sugriva had sent his soldiers and ministers to find Sita in every direction. After searching everywhere, Hanuman and his friends found Sampati, the brother of Jatayu who had seen Sita being kidnapped. Sampati told that he had seen Ravana take Sita to Lanka. Lanka is the kingdom of Ravana and Sita is held captive there. In order to rescue her, they must go there. A gush of happiness raced in the hearts of the army. They soon went to Sugriva and told him the good news. Sugriva immediately informed Rama and Lakshmana and they were delighted. Now all they had to do was to ensure that they reach there with the army and defeat Ravana. Rama knew that the path to Lanka was not an easy one and it would take at least a month or so to reach there.

However, he knew Sita very well and was sure that if Sita was given a signal of his arrival, she would wait for as long as it takes for Rama to reach there and Ravana to be defeated. Hence, he immediately thought of an idea. He instructed Sugriva that since he has such a huge army of powerful and magical abilities, someone can go and send the ring to Sita to indicate Rama’s arrival. Before Sugriva could appoint anyone, Hanuman volunteered for this task and was ready to do whatever it takes to make Rama happy. He took the ring from Rama and took a set of soldiers along with him to do this herculean task.

As they went ahead, they realized that there was a massive sea ahead that they had to cross. The army knew that it would take a really long time and it would not be possible for them to send the sign on time to Sita. hence, they were upset and disappointed. After feeling dejected and being sad for some time, suddenly, someone remembered. They told to Hanuman that he was powerful enough to fly and make use of his powers to take whatever form he wished to. He just needs to remember it. He was always reminded that he had all the powers such as flying and shape-shifting but he was cursed that he would not be able to use it and would forget it until someone reminds him.

Hanuman heard this story and remembered the incident. He knew that he had powers in the past but he was still unsure of how they would work now and if at all they would work. Still, he gave it a try and went to the sky. Bam, he fell down. Everyone was shocked and felt that he had really lost his powers. However, Jambavan tells Hanuman to focus on it with his heart and soul and remember Ram. Hanuman takes this into consideration and takes another chance. This time, he is fully focused and goes to the sky.

He finally discovers his powers and realizes that they have come back. He thanks his fellow soldiers for this realization and heads towards Lanka to do the task for his Lord Rama.

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