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Hanuman Meets Rama And Lakshmana

Hanuman Meets Rama And Lakshmana

While Rama and Lakshmana took a break and gathered their courage and emotions, Sugriva discussed the matter with his ministers. After the discussion with his ministers, they had agreed to send Hanuman – the mightiest of them as well as someone who was very sharp at reading people and understanding their intentions.

Thus, Hanuman got ready to go and meet these two warriors and figure out what their true intention was. Sugriva and his loyalists knew that Vali could not send people to harm them on their mountain peak. Sugriva’s exile came with the boon that if someone tried to come and harm him, they would not be allowed to enter. Still, Sugriva chose to play safe and in order to ensure better safety, he ordered Hanuman to disguise himself as a Brahman and hide his true Vanara form.

Hanuman went ahead to meet the mighty duo in a Brahmin form. The brothers saw him and greeted him. Hanuman spoke,

“O revered gentlemen, you seem like two Sanyasis but you have weapons with you. Your eyes convey love and affection for life in general yet your appearances are that of mighty warriors. I cannot figure out who you are and what your purpose is. Is there anything that I can do for you or help in some or another way? I am but a simple Brahmin who is going to an Ashram but I would be grateful to you two if you give me a chance to serve you both and help you.“

Rama heard Hanuman and figured out that he was no ordinary human being. He replied,

“O learned one! You are so full of knowledge and wisdom. You figured out our purpose and nature just by having a glance at us. You definitely are a learned and no ordinary person. Please reveal your true form and let us be worthy enough to witness your divine form. I pray you to please shower the good fortune on us.“

Hanuman also figured out that Rama was no ordinary human being and he cannot outsmart Rama. However, he tried his luck and replied.

“O mighty one, I would reveal my real form and true appearance only if you tell me what brings you here and why do you seem so stressed and in grief? I assure you that I mean no harm to you and I would assist you in any way it is possible if your aim is not to harm anyone.”

Rama replied,

“I am Rama, the prince of Ayodhya and this is my brother Lakshmana. We were in exile with my wife Sita. Ravana deceived us and kidnapped Sita. O divine creature, please help us to find Sugriva so that we can seek his assistance and rescue Sita from the demonic hands of Ravana.”

Hanuman revealed his true form as a Vanara and replied,

“Dear Rama, you have come to the right place. I am Hanuman, a minister of Sugriva and I had to ensure that you mean no harm to us. I am at your service now and I would straight away take you to King Sugriva.“

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