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Hanuman Returns To Rama With Good News

Hanuman Returns To Rama With Good News

Ravana could not tolerate Hanuman being so powerful and destroying the Ashok Vatika. He immediately called his soldiers and ordered them to get rid of this Vanara. Akshay, Ravana’s son, went to fight Hanuman. However, Hanuman easily defeated him. Ravana was infuriated so he sent Meghanada to get Hanuman. Meghanada was able to convince Hanuman to come to the court.

Hanuman relayed the message of a peace truce and a possible agreement that could be solved by letting Sita go but Ravana refused and decided to kill Hanuman. Vibhishana was able to convince Ravana to not kill Hanuman and let him go so Ravana decides to burn his tail as revenge for the cutting nose of Shurpankha. Hanuman’s tail is burnt but he manages to ablaze the whole Kingdom with the tail. He flys away to Kishkindha to meet Rama.

Rama is delighted beyond measure to see Hanuman return so quickly. On seeing him, he immediately hugs him and says,

“Oh son of Vayu, I am so delighted to see you back. Please tell me what happened and how is Sita. I cannot wait to go and meet her. I hope Ravana has agreed on letting her go and there is no need for a war. Please tell me now. I cannot wait.”

Hanuman replied,

“Oh Rama, I am also delighted to be back and finally be with you and my fellow soldiers. I have given the ring to Sita. She was so happy and delighted from the bottom of her heart. I also offered her to come with me so that she can meet you but she refused. She has chosen to wait for your arrival and make sure that it is you who rescues her from this mighty demon. Ravana is arrogant and does not believe in agreement. He wants to wage a war and not stay in peace until he kills you. He even tried to kill me but he failed miserably. I killed his son and when he tried to burn my tail, I burnt his kingdom. There is no option left but to go to war with him and kill him in order to get mother Sita back with us.”

Rama heard the narrative from Hanuman and thought for a while. After some time, he told everyone.

“If Ravana wants to fight, let that be the way now! Prepare for war. We shall go to Lanka. We will make sure that Ravana is defeated and we will rescue Sita from his demonic ways. Sugreeva, please assemble your army and let us leave for Lanka at the earliest time. Sometimes, it is essential to pick up a weapon and do an act of destruction to make sure that everyone is safe and evil is evaded.”

Sugreeva and the army were charged on hearing this from Rama. they started making arrangements and soon, they were to leave for Lanka. A tremendously challenging and difficult journey lay in front of them. Sita was now charged up and knew that her wait is going to end soon!

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