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Indra Comes To Rama's Rescue

Indra Comes To Rama’s Rescue

It was all over for Ravana. He had all his hopes crashed. Indrajit was a supremely powerful warrior who had managed to stop Rama and Laxmana once. However, the brothers came back more and more powerful. Laxman was also injured by a Brahmastra from Indrajit. It was Sanjeevani Herb that saved him and gave him a new life. But that costs the life of Indrajit. Laxman was the only one who could kill him because he had not slept for 14 years. This fulfilled all the criteria and Indrajit was killed by Laxman. Ravan was now furious as well as afraid. He had nothing to lose but he had no support. His mother still told him to surrender and avoid the war but he did not listen.  He wanted to fight and die fighting. He also knew that it would not be a good idea to go to the war as he is simply outnumbered and outpowered by the Vanara Sena. That would only mean that he is going for his own death. However, he always remembered the boons that he had received from Shiva so he did not surrender and chose to fight.

Meanwhile, Rama and his army were planning on how to kill Ravana. They knew that it was a good sign that he was all alone and all his powerful warriors were killed now. However, they also knew that Ravana had a boon by which he could never be defeated or killed. He was a supremely talented warrior who had years and years of experience and had fought so many wars. There was no scope for underestimating the enemy. The idea was to make sure that they find a way to kill him and relieve Sita from his demonic hands.

As they were planning and strategizing, they heard a voice. It was a voice that was heavenly and divine. They immediately realized that this was no ordinary voice. They turned around and found that it was the voice of Indra. The Lord of heaven had come to meet Rama. He called for Rama and Rama came.

“ O mighty lord, It is my good fortune to see you here and I could not have been more fortunate to see you. What is it that makes me so lucky? I have not even prayed or meditated for such a long time.”

Indra replies,

“ O King of Ayodhya, you are doing good to the world by fighting Ravana and I am here to offer you help. I am here to give you a special chariot that would not only increase your power and skills but also help you protect yourself from any special weapon that would be shot at you. You then can easily kill Ravana and free us from his demonic rule. His son was a nuisance to us and always managed to cause trouble. I am really grateful to Laxman to kill him and I wish you all the best for the war. Victory shall be yours!”

Rama bows down and Indra vanishes while a chariot appears in front of them.

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