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Indrajit And Lakshmana - Two Warriors Of The Similar Might

Indrajit And Lakshmana – Two Warriors Of Similar Might

Rama and Ravana had just completed the rituals of Dashratha’s death anniversary. They had mutual respect and admiration for each other. However, that did not have any effect on the war. The war was in its final phase now. Ravana had lost many of his warriors and he also realized that Rama was no ordinary warrior. He learned that Rama is indeed an incarnation of Vishnu and it is impossible to defeat him. His defeat is bound to happen. However, he knew that now, he cannot back out from the war. His ego and arrogance had blinded him and now, he had to win or die. The former was the most likely to happen but still, he was adamant to fight the war and make sure that he gave everything he has and fights until his last breath.

Kumbhkaran’s death also meant that now he did not have many warriors left who could fight from his side. He was the only one who would be able to fight. He loved Indrajit and he was really scared of losing his son in the battle now. But Indrajit also reminded his father of the boon that he had received from Brahma. If he did the Yagna, it was impossible to kill him. Hence, Ravana was reassured and instructed to do the Yagna. Indrajit successfully did his Yagna and now it was time to resume the war. The end was near but both sides were at their full power and knew that they should up their strategy and fight with brains as well as a brawl.

The day of the war started. Indrajit and Lakshmana locked horns on the battlefield while Rama and Ravana took on each other. They were attacking each other with celestial weapons and the best of their power. However, both sides were potent enough to cancel out the attack from the other side. Rama and Ravana’s fight was the same as before. Rama was still trying to figure out the best way to kill Ravana but Ravana’s boon and the power to be reborn always acted as a hindrance to Rama’s wishes.

Meanwhile, Laxmana was now wiser with the fact that Indrajit is a deceptive person and he should beware of any deception that might be thrown at him. Indrajit had also realized that illusions had little effect on Laxmana and now it was time to use his strength rather than deceptive powers. Laxmana also attacked with his best of arrows and ensured that Indrajit did not get any time to think about it and use his illusions. It went on for a day and it was a stalemate.

The next day, the situation was more or less the same. Indrajit and Lakshmana were cancelling each other’s attacks while Rama and Ravana fought each other with all their might and tried to figure out what would be the best way to defeat their foe. Everything was going on a stalemate until a loud noise of thunder shocked everyone on the battlefield.

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