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Kabandha - How Rama Freed A Gandharva From Curse

Kabandha – How Rama Freed A Gandharva From Curse

Lord Rama and Lakshmana cremated Jatayu with full honours and respect. After doing the rites and rituals, the brothers moved ahead towards their hut. On the path, they came across a very ugly and horrendous creature. The creature had no head or neck and looked very fearsome. His mouth was on his stomach and he had two big hands. His voice was coarse and very rough. Rama and Lakshmana tried to prevent fighting with him but he did not listen to them. It was futile to talk with a demonic head. They had no option but to kill him. The duo cut the arms of the demon. The demon struggled badly. Finally, he was killed by Rama. The brothers went ahead to cremate him and gave him a respectful death. As his demonic body was cremated, a Gandharva called Kabandha appeared.

The Gandharva then went ahead to thank Rama and Lakshmana. He told his story to the two brothers. Kabandha was actually a Gandharva in his life. His name was Danu or Vishwasu. He was the son of Sri Vishwasu, the king of Gandharvas. Danu went on to do penance for years and finally, he impressed Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma asked what would he want for the long penance he has done. Danu asked for Immortality to which Brahma agreed. Now, Danu was excited to try this boon that he had got. He went on challenging people and fighting them. Everyone was bothered by him. One day, he went on to Lord Indra and attacked him. Lord Indra was so furious that he threw his Vajra, the lightning bolt to Danu. The Vajra had such a massive impact that his head and thighs combined to make his body very big. His stomach had become so huge that his hands could not reach it.

Danu understood his mistake and asked that he would be happy to live with this mistake but he should be given away to feed himself. Indra agreed to this plea of his and made sure that his hands became big enough to let him feed himself. Danu then went on to disturb saints and sages. He was further cursed that he would be turned into an ugly looking person until Lord Rama comes and rescues him. Finally, Lord Rama and Lakshmana had come to him and severed his hands. This revealed the form that Indra had given him and when he was cremated, he was relieved from his curse and could finally live freely.

Lord Rama knew this and Lakshmana was happy to see this happening. They then told about their quest to find Sita. They also told about Ravana and his deeds. Danu had heard about Ravana and he also knew that Ravana was not easy to handle and Rama would need some support and army to fight the mighty demon. He then suggested the brothers go to Kishkindha and seek help from Sugriva. The brothers thanked him for his suggestion and advice and Kabandha thanked the duo to finally help him relive his curse.

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