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Ketu - Tail Of Demon Snake And Body Of Svarbhanu

Ketu – Tail Of Demon Snake And Body Of Svarbhanu

Ketu is the southern node of the moon’s axis. The influence of Ketu on a person is based on its position around the moon. It stands for both good and bad influences on one’s life. It is also responsible for moksha (liberation or freedom), sannyasa (penance) and self-realisation. We can simply say that this planet promotes the last stage of self-actualisation and spirituality in the person. One can attain and fulfil his spiritual duties with the help and influence of Ketu in his charts. We can also say that it is the loss of material and worldly pleasures to understand and accept a higher-order or awakening in life.

When one fails to accept the blessings of this planet, he/she might start feeling confusion, detachment, loss and a complete lack of understanding. They are risked at going entirely mad or insane. We can pinpoint and say that Ketu tries to bring a person out of the temporary material pleasures that the world has to offer and instead push him towards developing his spiritual self which remains permanent in nature.

Ashvini, Magha and Moola are the three constellations that are ruled by it. Supernatural incidences are also associated with the influence of this planet on a particular person’s life. Ketu has a flag-shaped body and rises above the sun very often. This is being told by the Matsya Purana which is one of the eighteen Puranas and is considered the oldest preserved texts from Sanskrit literature in Hinduism.  Ketu much like Rahu also belongs to the demon clan and Dhumravarna. It is considered as the body of Rahu separated by Lord Vishnu during Samudra Manthan.

People who are influenced by this planet tend to achieve great heights in terms of spirituality. Apart from that, Ketu grants wealth, good health and cattle to his worshippers. He brings prosperity and removes the effects of illness and snakebites. He also governs non-attachment, fantasy, psychic abilities, derangement and intelligence. According to ancient texts and expert astrologers, it is said that Ketu provokes a person to take the extra mile for correcting his behaviour and ways of life to achieve ultimate attainment. This planet focuses on emphasizing the positive qualities of the planets.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are known to be the friends of Ketu whereas Jupiter is in a neutral state with it. Sun, Mars and Moon are the enemies of the planet. The influence of Ketu is seen in Scorpio and the lack of it is generally observed in Taurus. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Capricorn are the friendly signs. Leo and Cancer are the enemies. Pisces is overlooked by the planet.

Tuesday is considered a very auspicious day for praying to the Ketu. Lehsuniya (Cat’s eye) is the gem ruled by Ketu and Silver is its metal. It rules the smoke colour. Ketu along with Rahu is also known as the shadow planet. Ketu has a cycle of 18 years in orbiting and 180 degrees. It rules the Scorpio sign along with Mangala. Together with Rahu, it denotes the intersection paths of the sun and moon. Hence they are known as the northern and southern nodes of the moon. Ketu is very responsible for the happening of the eclipse of the moon.

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