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Krishna And Some Of His Early Miracles

Krishna And Some Of His Early Miracles

The one whose birth is a miracle is bound to be the creator of many miracles in his life which were unknown to the world. Lord Krishna, the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu set foot in this world to create miracles and make all of us believe in them. Lord Vishnu is considered as the superior and ultimate god and creator of the entire world. Lord Krishna came into this world through a miracle.

The story dates back to the dark days of Mathura when Kamsa, the cruel ruler, threw his sister Devaki and her husband Vasudev into a prison. A voice from the sky told everyone about a divine prophecy that the 8th kid of Devaki & Vasudev would be the slayer of King Kamsa. Kamsa loved his sister immensely but was of cruel behaviour towards her. He let them live but made sure they died a little each time their kid is killed in front of their eyes.

One fine night when it was raining very heavily outside, Devaki gave birth to Lord Krishna and the world took a turn for the good. Nature, Animals, People rejoiced and felt a breath of relief as Lord Vishnu took birth on earth in the form of Lord Krishna. Vasudev took his son and stepped into the night. Devaki was overpowered by the same feeling and guided by the same voice that gave Vasudev the strength to take this step. She let him go in silence. Vasudev went all the way to Gokul to give his son to Yashoda and her husband and take their daughter with him. He was reassured at all times that he is on the right path and doing the right deed.

The following day, Kamsa woke up with fear in his system. He knew something was not right. He knew that the Akashwani (Announcement from the Sky) was about to be true that his destroyer had been born.

Kamsa made many attempts to find Krishna and kill him but he succeeded each time. The demon Putana’s death shocked everyone and led them to understand the divine nature of Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna steadily waited for the day where he could kill his uncle – Kamsa and free his parents from the prison. He made his way to Mathura with solid plans for defeating Kamsa and being the reason for people’s happiness in Mathura.

Upon his arrival in Mathura, residents of the town felt the same joy and relief that they felt at his birth. They knew of his great doings as a kid and were very well aware of the Akashwani. They waited for him to come and free the town of the evil called King Kamsa. Krishna was invited by Kamsa to wrestle some of his best wrestlers, Chanura being the strongest. Krishna defeated all of them in one go. Then it came time for Krishna to fight Kamsa and the battle went just as expected. Krishna kicked Kamsa in the chest and placed his foot, killing Kamsa and freeing his parents.

This story is a great example of good winning over the evils in the society and bringing light all over. The miraculous stories of Lord Krishna are truly enchanting when looked at from a layman’s perspective. One tends to forget that miracles do happen all around us when we believe and these stories are a great example of keeping our belief intact.

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