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Kushmanda - The Goddess Of Light And Energy

Kushmanda – The Goddess Of Light And Energy

The fourth manifestation of the goddess Durga is Kushmanda. This Devi is worshipped on the fourth day of the Navaratri festival in India and overseas. She is considered the goddess of energy and wealth. Her name Kushmanda can be further explained in the following manner – Ku means a little, Usham means warmth or energy and Anda means Brahmanda (Universe).

Kushmanda goddess is known to live inside the sun and become the supreme energy that provides the warmth and energy of the sun to the universe. This is when people started calling her Kushmanda. To think of it in a way, the power and strength that this goddess holds are beyond imagination. Living inside the sun and becoming the force for all the energy that the sun has can only mean that she is a supreme power. Devotees should definitely bow down to her and pray for getting such a powerful and vigorous energy in their lives. Considering all these pointers it is understood that she governs the sun in astrology.

The goddess has eight hands and hence is called Ashtabhuja. Ashta means eight and bhuja mean hands. She holds a Kamandala (water pot), Dhanushya (bow), Baan (arrow), Amrut/elixir (nectar), Gada, chakra (discus), Jaap mala and Kamal (lotus). She is radiating with golden light as she resides in the brightest star’s core. She is supporting the Suryalok. Devi Kushmanda represents dharma and justice. Tiger is her vehicle.

She is said to be continuously blessing her devotees with Ashta siddhis which are the eight supernatural powers as defined and explained in the ancient versions of yoga. She also blesses her subjects with Navanidhi which are the nine different types of wealth. Her one hand is in the Abhaya mudra which she uses to bless her devotees at all times.

The cosmos was in a dark place and the universe did not exist. There was darkness everywhere. Devi Kushmanda smiled and the brightness of her smile gave birth to the universe. She is the provider of energy to the sun and light to the entire world and the cosmos. Hence, she is considered to be the creator of the universe and often called by the name Jagat Janani. Jagat means a world and Janani means a mother. We can always call her the supreme mother and pray to her for wisdom and right direction in life.

Let us now understand what story does the legend behold for devi Kushmanda. What was the reason that goddess Durga had to take the form of Kushmanda? It is believed and told in many ancient writings that Adi parashakti which is the supreme goddess of power appeared in the manifestation of Siddhidatri which happens to be the ninth form of goddess durga. She emerged from the left side of lord shiva’s body and took the form of Kushmanda. She resided in the sun’s core and started to be called Kushmanda.

White pumpkin is considered to be her favourite fruit and that is offered to seek her blessings. Along with this curd, milk, halwa (confection popularly in Indian culture and made with semolina, milk, sugar, and dry fruits) is offered to her while praying. The same is also distributed to the devotees of Kushmanda post the pooja (common form of worship in the hindu culture).

Her mantra is as follows “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah”.

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