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Lakshman Gets Critically Injured By Indrajit

Lakshman Gets Critically Injured By Indrajit

The war was at its peak. Rama and Ravana were throwing the best of powers and arrows at each other. The Vanara Sena fought the army of Ravana with their might and they were succeeding in it. Lakshman was busy fighting Indrajit. Indrajit was a master of illusions and had many celestial weapons with him. The day before went into a perfect stalemate with each side coming as strong as the other. This day started with the same environment and it seemed that there is no way to end this balance of powers. However, the last hours of the battle proved to be game-changing. There was a loud noise of thunder that was followed by a cry of pain and angst.

Everyone stopped fighting and looked towards the noise that they just had heard. The voice seemed familiar and it was full of pain. Just after that, they heard a roar of laughter as a sign of victory. It was the sound of Indrajit celebrating his victory. Ravana instantly realized that Indrajit had done something fantastic and miraculous. He went to him and congratulated him. They returned to their palace as the day had ended. Meanwhile, the Vanara Sena received a wave of panic and shock. They realized that it was none other than Lakshman who was injured. The injury was fatal and it seemed as if he had lost a significant amount of blood. Lakshman lay unconscious on the ground while Rama and the army rushed towards him.

Rama saw his brother and realized that he was hit by a very powerful celestial weapon. It was a Brahmastra and he knew that Lakshman could not fight against that power because of his respect towards Brahma and the admiration he had for Brahma. He started crying out of helplessness and tried all the ways by which Lakshman could feel better. There was no response from Lakshman to anything Rama did. The doctor of the Vanara Sena immediately rushed to Lakshman and diagnosed the wounds. He saw it thoroughly and realized that it was not a wound that he could treat.

He said,

“O Lord Rama, Lakshman is fatally injured and is in critical condition. He needs a specialized doctor that can cure this wound. It is beyond my realm of knowledge and skills to treat such a celestial wound. If I even attempt to do anything, it would result in wasting time. It would be much better if we could find someone who is specialized in treating celestial wounds. This is the attack of Brahmastra and only the best Doctors can treat it. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone here that would be able to treat him. I do know people in Kishkindha but that would be too late. I am really sorry for proving to be so helpless.”

Rama just nodded at the doctor and was devastated. He did not know what to do. He had faced many difficulties in his life and the worst of situations but this was the peak of them all. He was blank and drowned in a feeling of pain and helplessness.

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