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Lakshmana Is Saved By Sanjeevani Herbs

Lakshmana Is Saved By Sanjeevani Herbs

Laxman was critically injured due to the attack of Brahmastra by Meghnaad. He was in a critical condition that needed immediate action. An expert named Sushen Vaidya was called in to cure him and heal the wounds. He needed a specific herb called Sanjeevani herb from Dronagiri mountain. The mountain was across the ocean and it would take days and days to go there via road. That would cost the life of Laxman. Rama was in despair and Hanuman immediately agreed to help Rama. he flew to the mountain. He faced many difficulties while flying to get the herb. A demon disguised himself as a hermit and convinced Hanuman to take a bath in the lake that was in the magical mountain that the demon had created. Hanuman went into the lake but a crocodile tried to bite him. He got aware of this and started fighting crocodiles. The crocodile turned out to be a celestial Apsara who told the reality. Hanuman immediately fought the demon who turned out to be Kalanemi, a minister from Ravana’s court. He got to know the direction to the sanjeevani mountain and then kicked him hard to reach the court of Ravana.

Now, Hanuman reached the Dronagiri mountain and was confused as to which herb is the Sanjeevani herb. He could not take a risk here and instead of wasting time to find the right herb and take a massive risk, he decided to take the whole mountain and head to an ailing Laxmana who needed immediate medical help. He presented the whole mountain to Sushen Vaidya. Everyone was delighted to find Hanuman return in such a short amount of time and there was hope in the air now.

Sushen Vaidya then instructed Hanuman to fetch herbs with specific instructions. He guided Hanuman and Hanuman could fetch them successfully. Now, Sushen Vaidya started the cure and applied the herbs to the wounds of Laxman. He then said that it would take some time for the herbs to take effect. Everyone was waiting and praying. There was a lot of stress. Finally, they heard a voice.

They heard the voice of Laxmana. Sushen Vaidya went to him and checked him. All his vital signs were getting better and there was a sign of improvement. He said that it would take a day for Laxmana to heal but he would be perfectly fine. Rama was so happy and hugged Hanuman. He thanked Hanuman for the tremendous efforts he had put in. Rama also thanked Sushen Vaidya and promised him everything that he wanted. Sushen Vaidya simply told that this was his duty and he did not want anything in return. He just wanted to make sure that people stay healthy and that there is no fear. He wished for peace and took leave.

A wave of relief and sigh went across the army. The worst was over. Now, they had to finish the war and make sure that Ravana and his son are killed before they do any more damage.

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