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Lambodara – The Fifth Avatar Of Ganesha

Lambodara – The Fifth Avatar Of Ganesha

Anger in Hindu mythology is shown as an obstacle in obtaining liberation from the material world. Hatred could create great turmoil in the world. Thus it is necessary to prevent such emotion before it gets a hold over us. The following story tells us how Lambodara, Ganesha’s fifth avatar, won over Krodhasura, the demon of hate.

Vishnu’s form of alluring Mohini led to the creation of Krodha. During Samudra Manthana, demons had captured Amrita, the nectar of immortality. This could have resulted in a bloody battle between gods and demons. Thus, Lord Vishnu took the form of enchanting Mohini and came before demons. They were hypnotized by her beauty. She tricked demons into giving her the drink.

But unknown to Vishnu, Lord Shiva was mesmerized by Mohini’s charm and looks. When Vishnu realized this, he quickly abandoned the disguise. Lord Shiva was enraged by this foul play. Later, his pent-up anger and disgust fused to give birth to the demon Krodhasura.

The popularity of the Shiva-Mohini union in many ancient texts like Brahmanda Purana gives some credibility to this tale.

Krodha became a pupil to sage Shukracharya who preached demons. He advised Krodha to perform austerities for Surya, the sun god. He prayed for many years. In the end, Surya was pleased by the demon’s devotion. He granted him the boon of power. As a result, he became stronger. Krodha ruled over the hinterland. Armed with the power, he invaded the heavens. His presence was all over the three worlds now.

Krodha married Preeti, the beautiful daughter of the demon Sambara. He had two sons, Harsha and Soka, from the marriage. Even after having his own family, his violence didn’t stop. Krodhasura became known for his cruel killings and violence over weak people.

Seeing his rampage, gods prayed to invoke Lord Ganesha. He materialised as Lambodara, sitting on his carrier rat. He listened to their problems and promised them peace. He went on to challenge the demon for a battle. Krodhasura’s army was no match before Lambodara. Thus, Krodha had to appear before him. The dual started. With his knowledge, Lambodara was always one step ahead of Krodha, reading his every move. He kept the demon at bay. Eventually, Krodha’s anger got the better of him, and he lost his balance. Lambodara seized this movement, making his final attack. He annihilated the demon.

Lambodara’s win restored the balance in all three worlds. People were free of Krodha’s rule. Gods praised Ganesha for his bravery while humans prayed to his avatar, Lambodara.

His win over rage shows how anger or hatred towards anyone could ruin our peace.

Symbolism Of Lambodara

Lambodara stands for pot-bellied or the person with a huge belly. From ancient sculptures to modern art, Ganesha is mostly visualized with a big belly. That is why he is shown as someone who enjoys food in many stories. He is presented with deserts like Modaks, which people perceived to be his favourite.

This vast figure is a representation of enjoying life without any worry. 

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