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Lopamudra - The Wife Of Sage Agastya

Lopamudra – The Wife Of Sage Agastya

Lopamudra is known as the perfect woman created by sage Agastya to bless him with a son. Sage Agastya wanted to make sure that his ancestors and he can peacefully head to heaven and not hell. This thought and wish led him to the desire for a virtuous son who would accumulate good deeds in his life. Agastya also wanted to continue his lineage and hence decided to start his life journey in that direction.

The hurdle here was that there were no women made who would possess all virtues that Agastya needed. He then decided to create a woman with his ascetic and yogic powers. King of Vidarbha was doing a severe penance to obtain offspring. Agastya blessed him with his creation of Lopamudra. She was blessed with rare beauty, intelligence, elegance and attractive features. While creating Lopamudra, Agastya took inspiration from all the beautiful elements of nature he could find. Flowers, Animals, Birds, Trees were his biggest inspiration. She was graced with softness, fragrance, slenderness besides her prime qualities. The king and queen decided that their beautiful, devoted and enlightened daughter would get married as soon as she comes of age.

Vidarbha King went to sage Agastya to seek his advice for his daughter’s marriage. Agastya suggested that since she was his creation and the aim of her creation was to bless him with a son, it is only right if she gets married to sage Agastya. The king and queen were very surprised and taken aback by this suggestion. They could not comprehend the thought of Lopamudra leading a life deprived of all the pleasures and benefits that she was used to experiencing in the palace. They were confused and scared that if they denied this request, Agastya would curse them and something ominous would happen. Seeing her parent’s confusion, she decided to come forward and accept the offer of marrying Agastya.

King of Vidarbha knew at the back of his mind that Lopamudra was inclined towards spiritual enlightenment and practices like penance, worship and fasting. Her excellent character and discipline since childhood gave him the confidence that she will adjust to these new settings and live a life of happiness.  However, the king requested Agastya to earn some money so that his daughter would not have a life filled with hardship.

Lopamudra, also known as Varaprada and Kaushitaki, was a philosopher whose mention is seen in Vedic Indian literature. She was a Brahamavadini, someone who strives to achieve the highest amount of knowledge of Brahman. The Hadi Panchadasi mantra from the Srikul Shakta of Hinduism was envisioned and visualised by Lopamudra. She was a scholar herself and did some credible work for Rigveda.

After her marriage with Agastya, she became tired of the difficulties in her life with him and demanded Agastya to explore his potential. She pushed him to find success and wealth in his life and give them a life of peace and happiness. While she wrote hymns in Rigveda which speak in length about attention, love, affection, compassion etc. She was feeling a lack of all these in her life and she started expressing that through her hymns. When Agastya read these, he came to a realisation of his duties as a husband. They eventually had a son who became a poet named Dridhasyu. Lopamudra also spread fame to Lalita Sahasranama along with her husband.

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