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Lord Krishna's Offer To Karna Before The Kurukshetra War

Lord Krishna’s Offer To Karna Before The Kurukshetra War

Lord Krishna tried everything to prevent the Kurukshetra war and often acted as a pacifier between the two clans. However, it is Lord Krishna’s offer to Karna that is the most interesting one and has the most depth of emotions.

Krishna met Karna and had a conversation with him. He asked Karna,

“O Karna, why would you support and stand by Duryodhana when you know the truth? Why would you support the rivals in the war when you know that your real brothers are at arms against them? You can stop the war from happening if you choose to do so.”

To this remark, Karna replied,

“ Vasudeva, it is my fate to fight against my own brothers. It was Duryodhana who stood by me in the competition of Rangbhoomi. My own brothers were mocking me and belittling me because I have not been brought up in the palace. I know that they do not know the truth and they would never commit such a deed if they knew I am their elder brother. I am obliged to Duryodhana and I think I can never repay him for the help and support he has always offered to me. Thus, I choose to stand by him and I know that I am inviting my own death by doing so.”

A thoughtful Krishna said.

“ I do understand your loyalty towards Duryodhana and I admire your faith in your friendship. What if I offer you to be the King of Hastinapur? You would be the natural heir to the throne as you are the eldest of Pandavas as well as Kauravas. You would also be the husband of Draupadi as you are a Pandava. This would settle everything and prevent such bloodshed and save millions of lives.

O Angaraja, please accept my offer and save the kingdom from such a miserable fate! “

Karna replied

“O Madhava, even if I were to become a king of the mighty kingdom, I would hand over the crown to Duryodhana. I cannot ever repay him and this act would only become a token of my immeasurable gratitude to him. I do not want Draupadi as my wife. She did not want me to participate in the Swayamvar and I think it would be unjust if this unfolds like this.“

“I think I am destined to fight against my own brothers. Kunti never thought of me and abandoned me. It was Radha who brought me up with immense love and affection. I am her son by blood but Radha is my mother by deeds. I know the Pandavas are going to win because they are fighting for Dharma. I regret my harsh words that I used against my own brothers and I feel extremely guilty to be an accomplice of the heinous deed that happened to Draupadi. Yet, my loyalty lies with the one who stood by me in my worst. The war is inevitable. We shall meet again if fate wants us to or we shall be united in heaven.”

Karna rejected Lord Krishna’s offer, hugged Krishna with a heavy heart and then departed to meet his fate in the mighty war.

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