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Mangala - God Of Mars And Aggression

Mangala – God Of Mars And Aggression

Vedic Astrology states that Mangala or Mars is a planet of aggression, war, passion, assertion and separation. Mars is red in colour and carries male characteristics as well as Yang energy. Yang energy is the masculine energy that shows the sunny side of the mountain and is opposite to the Yin energy. These concepts have been born from ancient Chinese philosophies and are considered the dual energies of the universe.

The person having Mangala in his birth chart placed correctly is known to look young and exhibit high energy in all the tasks performed by him in his personal and professional life. Resentment is a special feature of the planet. Blood problems, restlessness and tension are the major diseases caused by Mars.

Aries and Scorpio are guided by Mangala. Mrigshira, Dhanishta and Chitra are the constellations ruled by Mars. The friendly planets to Mars are Jupiter, Sun and Moon. Tuesday is considered as the day of this planet and south is its favourable direction. A person having problems caused by Mangala should consider carrying or wearing a red coral as known as Corallium. Mars rules the metal copper.

Fire is the natural element of Mars and it generally defends one from harm depending on the placement of it in the zodiac chart. The aggressive aspects displayed by this planet gives one strength to stand strong against his enemies. The planet makes you strong to move past all inconveniences and hurdles in life. The planet pushes you to fight back to any and every challenge thrown at you. Mangala can also be considered as basic as the force that motivates us to get out of bed every morning and face the world.

Some astrologers and experts consider mars to guide the animal instincts in a man – the act of striving for survival as well as the carnal instincts which guide sexual desires. It totally depends on the position of the planet in the chart. As seen in the Venus article, Venus rules the romantic attraction for a person based on love, beauty etc, Mars is linked to basic body attraction. It can be called lust in layman’s language. This planet believes in action rather than reaction. The energy exerted by Mars is pure and raw rather than soft, tender and creative. A person impacted by Mars acts out and that is seen through his assertive, adventurous, forthright and directed approach. The negative sides of mars impacted behaviour are aggressiveness, forcefulness, impulsiveness, rash decisions and actions and impatience.

Planet Mars is associated with Lord Kartikeya, the god of war. Lord of war defeats the demon Taraka and releases the gods from the demon’s evil acts. These acts of aggression, war, passion, valour, courage, bravery, valour are the qualities often seen in Mars impacted beings. Mars is also considered to be the protector of dharma, the purpose of life and the sacred path that each one takes to fulfil his responsibilities in life.

One mentions that if a person influenced badly by Mangala wants to get rid of it, then they should follow a fast for twenty-one Tuesdays. One can also pray to this planet for getting rid of skin ailments, poverty and debts.

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