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Meghanada Captures Hanuman And Presents Him To Ravana

Meghanada Captures Hanuman And Presents Him To Ravana

Hanuman had identified Akshay as a noble warrior and tried to warn him. He did not want to harm him as his fight was with Ravana and the fight could also be avoided if Ravana let Sita go. However, Akshay was adamant in his stance and could not even think of letting Hanuman go beyond him. Thus, a massive battle happened between Akshay and Hanuman. Akshay attacked Hanuman many times but Hanuman could dodge each of them with ease. Bored with the slow progress, Hanuman had enough of it and switched from defence to attack. He could kill Akshay in one massive blow from his mace. Akshay was killed so easily.

Meanwhile, Ravana waited a long time and wanted to know what happened to his son. He asked his soldiers to find him and they found Akshay dead and brought his body to Ravana. Ravana was infuriated as well as shocked to see his beloved son killed by an ordinary Vanara. He was so angry that he immediately ordered Meghanada to bring this person to the court and make sure that he is killed in the court in front of hundreds of people. Meghanada obeyed this and immediately went to Hanuman.

Hanuman spots Meghanada and says,

“Who are you and why are you here? I am here to meet Ravana and I am the messenger of Lord Rama. If you can let Sita go, I shall go without any more destruction or harm to any of you.”

Meghanada replies,

“Oh Vanara, do not be so overconfident about your powers and strength. Ravana can kill you in a single blow and you are no match for him. However, I am Meghanada and I am the son of Ravana. My task here is to get you to Ravana and present you to him in his court. I come in no mood to fight or to show my strength. Simply cooperate and our task shall be easier.“

Hanuman thinks for a while and then replies,

“O Meghanada, it seems that you are saying the right thing. Take me to Ravana and I would deliver the message of Rama to him. If we can avoid bloodshed, we should definitely do so.”

And then, Meghanada takes him to the court of Ravana. Ravana looks at him and says,

“You idiot Vanara, please tell me why are causing so much destruction and what do you want? I can kill you immediately but I am very keen to know what gives you the courage to do so much destruction and harm to the kingdom of mighty Ravana.”

Hanuman replies,

“O Mighty Ravana, I come here to give you the message of Lord Rama. Please leave Sita and let her go. I come here with a message of peace and a possible truce talk. Please agree to this demand or you shall see the wrath of the mighty and powerful Lord Rama and we would attack your kingdom for a war!”

Ravana laughs and says,

“So you are a puny Vanara who has come to deliver the message of Rama. Let me show him the true example of the power and kill you.“

And then Ravana calls his soldiers.

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