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Nagnajiti - The Fifth Wife Of Krishna

Nagnajiti – The Fifth Wife Of Krishna

Nagnajiti is the fifth wife of Lord Krishna. She is known as Satya and Nappinnai as well. Her reference comes from Vaishnavite texts regarded in the Hindu culture. She is said to be the manifestation of Nila Devi who was the third wife of the supreme god Lord Vishnu. King Nagnajita was blessed with a daughter who was none other than Nila Devi herself. We can say that Nila Devi entered the earth through Nagnajiti. This was all taking place in the Dwapara Yuga. Nagnajita was the ruler of the Kosala region. The reason for that is explained clearly and descriptively by Andal. She was a poet and saint from south India. She wrote that Nappinai was Nagnajita’s daughter. King Nagnajita was the brother of Krishna’s foster mother – Yashoda. With the correlation of Nappinai with Nagnajiti, it goes without saying that she too is considered an incarnation of Nila Devi.

Nagnajiti’s tale of marriage is a very interesting story to tell from the Dwapar Yuga. This story is explained in the Bhagavata Purana. Nagnajita was a pure-hearted king who ardently followed the Vedas and great scriptures written by celebrated sages. He had a high level of devotion in his heart to what the elders had to say living a pure and righteous life. The king arranged for a Swayamvara for his beloved daughter. The Swayamvara however came with a few conditions that the candidates had to fulfill to win his daughter’s hand in marriage. The condition was simple but complicated at the same time. The suitable husband of Nagnajiti was required to defeat the seven ferocious bulls of the king in a fight.

Many kings tried and almost all of them failed. Shri Krishna set his journey towards Kosala after finding out about the challenge. Upon his arrival in the kingdom, the king welcomed him with gifts and kind words. He wanted to understand the reason for his visit to which Krishna declared his intentions of marrying Nagnajita’s daughter. It was as if the king and his kingdom’s desires and wishes were coming true with this declaration of Shri Krishna. The king had a desire in his heart and that was for Lord Krishna to win the challenge and take Nagnajiti as his wife. Nagnajita and his daughter were very well aware of the divine powers of Lord Krishna. Shri Krishna entered the area of fighting the bulls and expanded into his divine form. He took seven forms and tamed the bulls winning the challenge. Nagnajiti got married to Shri Krishna and this joyous occasion was celebrated in a grand and magnificent manner. Nagnajita and Lord Krishna went to Dwarka and started spending their married life there.

She is called Satya Nagnajiti in the Vishnu Purana, Bhagavata Purana and Harivamsa. She birthed ten sons. Kunti was the youngest whereas Vira was the eldest of the lot. Vishnu Purana mentions that Bhadravinda was the head of her sons. The death of Krishna was the start of the eminent decline and the end of the Yadava race. Nagnajiti went Sati in Krishna’s pyre.

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