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Rahu - Head Of Demon Snake And Svarbhanu

Rahu – Head Of Demon Snake And Svarbhanu

Rahu is the north node of the moon’s axis which means hide or conceal in Sanskrit. Nodes mean the aspect that holds the key to your destiny and offers one an understanding of their ultimate spiritual goal in life. It is said that Rahu favours the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The people who have an influence of Rahu on their lives can be seen as masters of deception or cheating. They are often seen as seekers of pleasure, cheaters, drug dealers etc. They seem to have an abundance of immorality and insincerity in their behaviours.

Rahu is the indicator of greed, fame, manipulation, obsessiveness, dementia, desires to own all worldly pleasures etc. One can see a behaviour of harsh speech, falsehood, uncleanliness, dirty habits, irreligious thoughts and behavioural patterns, outcast etc as the signs of its influence.  One can say that this planet is associated largely with worldly manifestations and desires. It is also linked to spiritual wellbeing and the process of realising the power of spirituality and taking steps towards that.

Blue, black, smoky blue and coal colours are ruled by Rahu. Saturday is very auspicious for praying to this planet. Gomed is an orange coloured stone used to get rid of the evil effects of the planet Rahu and it is the stone that is ruled by the planet. It rules gold and south-west direction. Virgo is the zodiac being looked over by the planet. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius are the friendly signs of Rahu and Cancer and Leo are its enemies. Similarly, in terms of planets, Mercury, Venus, Saturn are friendly planets with Rahu and Moon, Sun and Mars are its enemies. It is said that Libra and Taurus are highly benefited by the Rahu planet.

Legend says that the tale of Rahu and Ketu dates back to the Samudra Manthan incident. When Lord Vishnu was giving out the nectar to the gods, Rahu came and took a little. When the sun and moon discovered his trespassing they told Vishnu. Vishnu threw his Chakra and cut off demon Rahu’s head but since he had already drunk a little nectar, he had become immortal. It is proficient in giving fame, success, money, beauty and politics when placed rightly in one’s chart. When Rahu is not placed in the best manner it can lead to various physical and mental conditions like fears, phobias, murder, theft, imprisonment, suicidal tendencies, cholera, skin diseases, dysentery and constipation.

Puranas describe the planet as an embodiment of a lioness and having extraordinary powers. Rahu stays in one’s chart for 1 and a half year and has strengthening powers to an extent of converting an enemy to a friend. The importance of this planet can be emphasized in various ways. People also consider that the effects of the Rahu planet as something which is carried forward from the last birth. When one comes to assess the powers of the planet, the only planet that stands stronger and is more powerful than Surya himself is Rahu. During an eclipse, it has the ability to swallow the sun itself.

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