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Rama And Ravana Paid Homage To Dasharatha

Rama And Ravana Paid Homage To Dasharatha

It was all over for Ravana. He had never thought that the situation could go this bad. His hope, his strength, and his will were broken when he heard that his dear brother Kumbhakarna was defeated and killed. He had lost his consciousness on hearing this. He knew that the end was near now. He had lost all the hope. He might have won for a short period of time in the beginning but there was no going back now.

He could not have his younger brother by his side. The brother who was the strongest of them all. The brother who had the boon from Brahma and had survived Indra’s bolt. Ravana had hit the abyss. He had locked himself in the room and was mourning the death of his beloved brother. However, not everyone had lost hope. Indrajit was still there and he went to Ravana. He consoled his father. He knew that the loss was grave but it was not enough just to say. He needed to do something that would shock Rama and his army. So, he assured Ravana that he would go to the battlefield the next day and not return until he killed either Rama or Laxman. He started to do his Yagna which would ensure his victory. Ravana had found momentary peace in the words of Indrajit.

Meanwhile, Rama and his army were happy with their progress. They were satisfied with how the fight was going and now they were confident that victory was soon going to be with them and they would take Sita home. However, there was a little problem that had arisen. Rama told the army that it was the death anniversary of Dasharatha, his father and he needed to perform some rites and yagnas to ensure that the Shradhha is complete and his father resides happily in heaven. These rites were very important and it was only a skilled Brahmin who could perform them. Rama figured out that Vibhishana was reluctant to speak so he encouraged him to speak. It was then revealed that Ravana was the most learned scholar and he knew every Veda as well as rites. There was no better person who could do the rites except him. Rama agreed to approach him at once.

Rama then went to Ravana himself with this proposal. Ravana was shocked that his enemy would come to him to ask for such a feat. However, Ravana was a righteous Brahmin who would never back off from his duty. He felt humbled that Rama did not let the differences and the relation of rivalry come between the idea of rites and religion. Ravana agreed at once and performed the rites with all devotion and in the best manner. It was done perfectly and all the needful duties were performed too. Ravana also helped Rama with all the arrangements and made sure that Rama did not face any difficulty or obstacle in terms of completing the rites and rituals of Shradhha. Thus, the two rivals had immense respect for each other and did not let their ego come in between the rites.

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