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Rama And Sita - The Eternal Love Story

Rama And Sita – The Eternal Love Story

Rama and Sita’s love story is eternal. When sage Vishvamitra and the princes were done with defeating demons, they were now free to roam around and explore neighbourhood places. While they did so, they heard about the Swayamvara of Sita and sage Vishvamitra was keen for Rama to participate in the Swayamvara. He knew Janaka, the king of Mithila as a nobleman and Sita as a virtuous girl who would be a great match for Rama. Hence, the sage ordered the princes to go to the palace and participate in the Swayamvar. The princes happily agreed to Sage’s order and started a journey to reach the palace in Mithila.

They finally reached the palace of Janaka. They were welcomed with all luxuries and treated warmly and respectfully. They reached a day before the Swayamvara so Janaka was happy to receive them. Knowing the greatness and knowledge of Vishvamitra, he left no stone unturned to host them. After freshening up and resting for a while, they decided to go and get some beautiful flowers from the huge garden that the palace had. They asked for the sage’s permission and he happily agreed to the request.

The brothers went to the garden. As they walked and strolled in the garden, they saw some peacocks dancing and sweeping the ground. They were delighted at this view and took great interest and satisfaction in this. The peacocks had made the path so clean that it was without stones or any thorns. Rama was so delighted that he promised them he would always respect them and remember this gesture of them. He took a feather that was fallen on the ground and wore it on his crown. The peacocks were glad to receive so much respect.

As the princes moved forward in the garden, there came a voice of someone walking by. Rama figured out that it was the voice of a princess and was curious to see who it is. They strolled around while the princess and her maids appeared. Ram and Sita saw each other and they were smitten by the other. They wanted to marry each other but they could not say a word. They moved to their respective rooms. Sita prayed to god to make Rama his husband while Rama could not stop praising the beauty of her that he witnessed.

Soon, the Swayamvara happened. Rama overcame the challenge and married Sita, fulfilling his wish and her prayer. Sita asked Rama why he would not wear a peacock feather every day on his crown. Rama replied that he did not want to cause harm to peacocks by having and using their feathers every day. However, he promised that he would always wear a feather in his next birth.

Thus, Lord Vishnu was reborn as Lord Krishna who always wore a feather in his crown to give respect to the peacocks and Sita’s request. Interestingly, Vishnu is also the brother of Parvati and Kartikeya has a peacock as his vehicle. The peacock feather on Krishna’s head is also a symbol of good luck to his nephew.

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