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Rama Listens To Sugriva's Tragic Life Story

Rama Listens To Sugriva’s Tragic Life Story

Hanuman met the two brothers and after assessing their true intention, he offered them assistance and help. A delightful Hanuman stated his true purpose and showed them Sugriva’s abode. The two brothers were now ready to climb the mountain to go and meet the King. However, Hanuman did not want them to face any inconvenience. So, he made them both sit on his shoulders and flew to the peak of the mountain. This made them really close and they became such good friends.

Finally, the trio reached the abode of Sugriva. Sugriva was surprised to see the two at their place but before he could say or think anything, Hanuman introduced them to Sugriva.

“O King, do not worry or be afraid. These two brothers are Rama and Laxman, the princes of Ayodhya and the lineage of the Ishkvaku warriors. They are here seeking our help to rescue Sita from the demonic hands of Ravana. Please welcome them with full honours and make sure that they face no trouble.”

A wave of relief and happiness covered Sugriva’s face. He was now at peace knowing that the two brothers meant no harm. He replied to them.

“O Rama and Laxman, I am so glad that you both thought of me as a worthy companion who would be able to support you in your quest to rescue Sita. I cannot have been more fortunate. However, I do not have my army and the resources that I should have because of some problems that I am facing. Please pardon me for not being of any help to you in terms of providing you with extra resources, but whatever I and my team can do for you, we would be happy to help you with our best efforts.”

Rama said,

“O Sugriva, seeing you here makes my hopes shine and a new wave of energy and power has engulfed me. I cannot be happier than now and I am so glad that you are ready to help us. But I think it would only be fair and just if I can also help you with the problems you are facing. I would be more than fortunate to help you.”

Sugriva immediately said.

“Just like you, my wife and kingdom have been usurped by Vali, my elder brother. He is mighty enough to face the strongest of the warriors all by himself and come out without a scratch on his body. It so happened that he went to a cave to fight a mighty demon. He had closed the cave and ordered me to wait until he came back. I waited for a long time. Suddenly, a gush of blood came out from the blocked entrance. I felt shocked and I called for my brother. I received no replies for days together. Finally, I returned to the kingdom and started ruling it. Vali returned after a few years and usurped the kingdom from me thinking I had wronged him and exiled me. Please help me.”

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