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Rama Prepares For The Journey To Lanka

Rama Prepares For The Journey To Lanka

Rama has now heard the news of Sita from Hanuman. Hanuman tells Rama that Sita is waiting for him and would not leave the Lanka with anyone but Rama. Rama is delighted to hear this and immediately tells everyone that he is now ready to attack Ravana by going to Lanka. Rama also understands that Ravana is powerful as well as blinded by arrogance. He knows that he can kill Ravana and his army with Lakshamana but it would be very difficult and not very convenient. Plus, an army is always helpful when waging a war. Hence, he tells Sugreeva to get his army ready.

However, Sugreeva’s army is small and there are only a few soldiers in it. Hence, Rama asks every Vanara and Bear to join their army. The whole of Kishkindha is happy to receive this news. They are so excited that every animal and everyone reports to Rama. Rama is delighted beyond measure that so many people are eager to help him and make sure that his aim is achieved. While he is happy to have them with him, he knows that it would be impossible for him to handle everyone alone. He needs support and ministers to handle the army. Hence, he bifurcates the army and each section of them has leaders like Angad, Jambavan, Nala, Nila, etc.

The people of Kishkindha and nearby kingdoms are united and happy to see how Rama is working. They offer their full support in whatever way they can. Even women and the people that cannot participate in the war show their support by helping in whatever way they can. The goldsmiths carve weapons such as bows and arrows, swords, and war armours. The women make food and give them in whatever capacity they can give. The children offer their little savings and are always around to help in whatever little tasks that they can do. They often relay messages and make sure that small tasks are done by them.

Now that everything was ready and Rama had enough resources, he knew that now, he needed a perfect plan and a strategy to carry out his idea of defeating Ravana. He sat with Lakshamana, Sugreeva, and all the ministers to see what would be the plan to go to Lanka, how much resources would they need, and who they would face in the war. They also gathered as much information as they could. Finally, it was decided that each of them would face a specific minister or part of Ravana’s army while Rama would be the one to kill Ravana and rescue Sita.

Everything was set and now they were ready to go. They started their journey and said their goodbyes. The goodbyes were hearty and heavy as many families knew that their loved ones may not return from this massive war. However, they were brave enough to let them fight for the right and reestablish peace in the world. What lied ahead was a mystery to all of them!

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