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Rama Setu - The Ingenious Idea Of Hanuman

Rama Setu – The Ingenious Idea Of Hanuman

It was all set and the army had geared up to reach Lanka. They started their journey and soon enough, they were about to reach Lanka as per their plan. Everyone was excited and Rama could not feel more grateful or excited about going to Lanka and defeating Ravana. No one left any stone unturned to make sure that they face no difficulty while going to Lanka. However, a huge hindrance was soon to be faced by them. They had not expected it to come and when they reached near Lanka, they had to face a massive ocean that would need a lot of time to pass. Read on to know how Hanuman came up with the idea of Rama Setu.

People thought of various ways to cross this ocean. Some suggested swimming across but that would not only take a lot of time but also it was impractical as well as they could not be able to carry their things with them in this method. The army also suggested that Rama and Lakshmana should go with Hanuman and get started with the war while the army would soon join them. This was also rejected by Rama as he wanted to make sure that everyone reached properly and he had his army with him while facing the mighty Ravana.  After a lot of thought and finding no way out, all of them agreed to build a bridge.

They knew that building a bridge (later known as Rama Setu) would take almost two to three times of their time and efforts and meeting Sita would be a thing that would be delayed. However, without wasting any time, they started finding materials that would help them build a bridge. While the army gathered resources and things to build a bridge, Hanuman was very upset and disappointed with the fact that the meeting of his Lord Rama was delayed with Mother Sita. He could not take this fact and sat in deep disappointment and thought as to how can he speed up the process. He thought for a lot of time and found no idea.

As he continued thinking, he was remembering Rama and threw stones in the ocean. He threw a lot of rocks and stones and after a while, he realized that he did not hear the sound of the rocks sinking in. He was really surprised but thought he must have missed the sounds. Hence, he threw one more stone in the ocean. It sank down. Then, he remembered what he was doing while throwing them. He realized that it was the thought of Rama that made the rocks float. Soon, he tested this thought by thinking of Rama and threw it in the ocean.

To his surprise, the rock floated and his happiness knew no bounds! He soon went to Rama and asked him to do the same. Rama did the same. However, the stone did not float even when Rama had said his own name. However, Laxmana did the same and the stone floated. Everyone tried and the stone floated. It was the name of Rama that made the stone float and it can only be done by people who love Rama and not by his own self. This is how the construction of Rama Setu began.

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