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Rama vs Ravana - The Beginning Of The Battle

Rama vs Ravana – The Beginning Of The Battle

The war was at its peak. Rama’s army was slaying one demon after the other. Ravana’s tricks and methods were failing. It seemed like Rama was overpowering the war and there was no way out for Ravana. Ravana was infuriated but he did not give up. To him, war was the only way that he could come to a good and satisfying result. He never gave a thought to a peaceful truce. Now that all his generals and soldiers were losing heavily, he had enough. He decided that he would go into the battlefield and fight with Rama and company himself. It was time for Rama vs Ravana.

Rama and his army heard this news. While they were now happy that Ravana was finally on the field and the war might be over soon. However, they all knew that power alone would not be enough to battle this mighty demon. They would need to strategise and think properly as to how to defeat this monster. Hence, they gathered around and started to think and allot roles. Rama would defeat Ravana so Rama had to be in the fight with him. Laxmana would battle with Indrajit and continue to tackle him.

Hanuman and company would battle all the other demons and the soldiers that posed a threat to their army. They had a good army and Vibhishan was also on their side. Vibhishan did not actually fight against his army but his role was crucial in terms of guiding and showing them the weaknesses of his former army. Thus, the plan was set. Now it would all begin with new energy on the next day.

The day had come. Ravana had now officially taken things in his hand and entered the battlefield. He faced Rama. Rama looked at Ravana and still offered him a truce. He said, “O Ravana, I know you are powerful and mighty but please return Sita to me and we could avert this bloodshed. A war is won if it is prevented. A victory in a war is to come to terms that benefit both the parties. We can avoid the loss of lives and go our ways in a peaceful truce. This shall be my last offer.”

Ravana heard this truce and laughed at it. He replied, “O you puny human being. Why don’t you say that you are afraid of me and do not want to fight me? I know you are finding ways to avoid fighting with me because you are going to lose. I am not going to listen to your baseless arguments. You and your Vanara Sena are no match for me and my mighty army. Fight me if you want to or simply die at my hands and finish this matter.”

Rama replied, “So be it. Let the fight begin!”

And thus, the two mighty warriors started fighting each other. The Rama vs Ravana battle was on. Ravana shot many arrows at Rama and each of them was fought with an arrow of equal power. Rama shot many arrows that did manage to injure Ravana but Ravana would be healed in a matter of seconds. The fight went on until sunset. They finally went back to their camps. The day had ended in a stalemate.

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