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Rama's Victory Over The Wrath Of Parashurama

Rama’s Victory Over The Wrath Of Parashurama

We all know that Rama was an able and strong prince who won Sita’s Swayamvara and they got married. However, the simple story has a lot of backing that is relatively unknown and a history that needs to be highlighted. Here are the various events and the stories that you should know and check out to know how the bow test was the best to see who is the most suitable prince for Sita and why came the wrath of Parashurama on Rama.

A long time before Ramayana, there was a sage named Kanwa. The sage wanted to please Brahma and attain Brahma Loka. Hence, he entered into a long penance. This lead to a hibernaculum (snake’s growth place) of bamboo growing around the sage. His penance was so long that he was inside the hibernaculum when Brahma appeared to him. He asked him what Kanwa desired. Kanwa told his wish which was granted. However, the hibernaculum was very holy and had the power of Kanwa’s penance. Brahma then ordered Vishwakarma to transform the hibernaculum into three bows – Gandeeva, Shaarnga, and Pinaka. Brahma kept Gandeeva for himself which he later gave to Agni Deva who passed it on to Arjuna. Pinaka was given to Rudra, Shiva’s avatar, and Sharnga was given to Vishnu.

A clever Rakshasa named Atula did penance of Lord Brahma and asked for a boon. A boon that he would only be killed after Lord Vishnu is defeated. Brahma saw through Atula and understood his idea. He granted the boon to Atula. The demon was never defeated and Vishnu had no choice but to keep him inside his belly in order to save the world.

Now, Lord Rama was in the court of Janaka and the challenge was to pick up the bow and tie it. Hundreds of kings and even Ravana tried to lift the bow but failed. Rama went to the bow and picked it with ease. His actions not only lifted the bow but while he was tying the string, the bow broke. Actually, the bow was given to Janaka by Parashurama. Sita once lifted the bow with ease and ignorance and started playing with it. This made the bow a vital test to see who is able to match the strength of Sita.

An angry Parashurama appeared to the court. Everyone knew about the wrath of Parashurama. He was angry with Rama and furious at him. He taunted Rama that if you are so strong and powerful, take my Shaarnga bow and shoot an arrow from it. Everyone tried to pacify Parashurama to no avail. Finally, Rama had to lift the bow. He lifted it with ease and tied the string. He was ready to shoot the arrow and asked a shocked Parashurama where should he shoot it. Parashurama replied that he should shoot to his belly button.

Rama shot the arrow at the belly button where Atula resided. Atula was finally killed because Lord Rama defeated Parashurama and fulfilled the boon of Brahma. Parashurama then retired to the Himalayas as the boiling anger was killed in him and the wrath of Parashurama was finally over.

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