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Ravana Is Finally Defeated By Rama

Ravana Is Finally Defeated By Rama

The day of the decision was here. Indrajit was killed. Laxmana was injured critically but he was healed due to the help of Sushen Vaidya and Hanuman who bought the whole Dronagiri mountain for him. Laxman could also defeat and kill Indrajit as they successfully hindered the Yagna, as well as Laxman, was the perfect person to kill him as he had not slept for 14 years and that also fulfilled the criteria that the boon of Brahma had. Thus, Ravana was alone on the battlefield and now, all his trusted warrior support was gone. He still had not lost hope and came to fight the army. Rama knew this and he also knew that this is the day when he would have to kill Ravana and rescue Sita from the demonic place.

They met on the battlefield. Ravana was furious because his son was killed by them. He tried to throw every weapon and every arrow that he knew of. Rama was cool and composed. He knew that his anger toward Ravana could be taken to advantage and he was waiting to make the most of it. He countered every attack of Ravana with a calculated arrow. Ravana was fighting in fury while Rama was fighting in composure. Their fights were different now.

Rama finally found a way in which he could attack Ravan. It was between the two shots that Ravan was trying to take aim and get the perfect arrow. Rama shot towards him. The arrow successfully hit Ravana and he was injured. Suddenly, the injury vanished and the arrow disappeared. This was a shock that Rama got. He did not know what to do so he shot arrows everywhere at Ravan. Each arrow met the same fate. Rama understood that there is some boon that Ravan has received and he cannot defeat him with ease.

Meanwhile, Vibhishan was with Rama and noticed this. He told Rama that Ravan is blessed with a boon that would not allow him to be killed or even injured. If we attack him, it will heal automatically. However, he has one weak point. You attack his navel and he would be killed. That is his weak spot which the boon did not cover. Please attack there.

Rama carefully heard this and started aiming at the navel. Ravan was sharp enough to tackle every shot that came to the navel. However, Rama used the celestial weapons that the Gods had given to him. Finally, one of them hit Ravana. It pierced through and he started bleeding. He knew that it was over now. Ravan seeks Rama’s forgiveness. Rama did forgive him. As Ravan was dying, he told Laxmana to get whatever knowledge Ravan had to share with him. Laxman went but Ravan did not say anything. Rama then went and with Laxman, they sat near the foot and Ravan shared his knowledge with them. Ravan then breathed his last. Rama and Laxman prayed for his soul to get peace. The war was over and they gave a righteous funeral to the enemies.

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