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Sage Pulatsya - The Grandfather Of Ravana And Kubera

Sage Pulastya – The Grandfather Of Ravana And Kubera

Sage Pulastya was born through the ear of Lord Brahma. This is prominently mentioned in the 65th chapter of Adi Parva and Bhagavata. He is counted in the Saptarishi along with Atri, Angira, Marichi, Pulaha, Vashishtha and Kratu who are known to coordinate and maintain the balance of the world. He is the Manas putra of Lord Brahma. Manas Putra means someone who is the mind-born son of the mentioned deity. He is also one of the ten Prajapati. This information can form the link to the birth of the sage Pulastya. He was married to Manini who was also known as Havirbhu and had two sons namely Vishrava and Agastya.

There is an alternate story of Pulastya rishi’s birth which suggests that he was born. He was made out of his breath called Udana. This is mentioned in the Shiva Purana. Pulastya was considered to be a means through which a few of the ancient Puranas were taught and passed to the common man. It is said that he was the recipient of the great and renowned Vishnu Purana. Parashara was later informed of this Purana who took the responsibility of preaching it to mankind, in short making mankind familiar with it and its knowledge.

It is written in Puranic Literature that sage Pulastya wedded Havirbhoo who was the daughter of Kardamji. They were 9 sisters in total. Havirbhoo and Pulastya’s son Vishrava was the father of Kubera and Ravana. They were also the parents of the Rakshasas. Vishrava had two wives Kekasi and Idvidaa. Kekasi and Vishrava gave birth to Ravana, Vibheeshan, Kumbhakarna and Shurpanakha. Idvidaa and Vishrava had a son called Kubera. His other wife Idvidaa was the daughter of Alambhushaa Apsara and Trin Bindu. She came from a lineage of Marut.

One fine day, Bhishma was doing spiritual practice at a place known as Gangadwar. Lord Brahma was very pleased and delighted by the penance that was done by Bhishma. He ordered sage Pulastya to go to the place of penance and bless Bhishma. Pulastya told Bhishma that Lord Brahma is extremely elated to see this penance and would like to grant you a boon. He asked Bhishma to tell him what he wished for. Bhishma being his humble self thanked his good fortune and the rishi for giving him the opportunity of meeting him in his lifetime. He asked for a simple desire that Bhishma had in his heart. He wanted to know how Lord Brahma created the world. This marks the “Padma Purana” and revolves around the story told by Rishi Pulastya to Bhishma.

Sage Pulastya is known as the storyteller who has questioned Narada in Vamana Purana. Sage Pulastya’s mention is seen in Ramakien and Archaeology too. Let’s find out how! Latsatian is the name given to Pulastya in the Thai National Epic – Ramakien. Latsatian was the father of Thotsakan and the second king of Lanka.

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