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Sanjeevani Herbs - The Lifesaving Medicine

Sanjeevani Herbs – The Lifesaving Medicine

Hanuman had taken up the herculean task of getting the Sanjeevani for Sushen Vaidya so that Sushen Vaidya could heal and cure Laxmana and save him from the trap of death. Laxmana got injured by a Brahmastra from Meghnaad. Hanuman went immediately across oceans to find and search for the Sanjeevani herb. He had many chances to rest and eat but he did not waste a single moment in order to get the cure as soon as possible. As he flew ahead, he ended up meeting a hermit on a magical mountain. The hermit was kind and polite enough to offer Hanuman a stay. Hanuman refused any food but agreed to have a bath in the lake that the magical mountain had. As he went to bathe in the lake, he felt a pain in his leg. He turned around and saw a crocodile. The crocodile was huge and gigantic. It almost was the size of a Hanuman and could eat him with ease.

However, Hanuman was one of the mightiest warriors. He used his might and brawl to tear apart the mouth of the crocodile. As he did so, he saw an apsara appear in front of him. The apsara said,

“ O Hanuman, thank you for relieving me from a curse. I had been cursed by Sage Daksha that I would be a crocodile and I would only be relieved from the curse by Hanuman. I am finally relieved of the curse because of you. Thank you for this relief.”

“ However, I must warn you that the hermit you saw was no ordinary hermit but he was Kalanemi who is a minister of Ravana. He is here to kill you and obstruct the process to cure Laxmana. Beware and make sure that you do your best to protect Laxmana and do your duty without fail. I thank you again for the relief. “

Hanuman said,

“ Thank you for the warning. Now, I know what I am dealing with and he would not be able to obstruct me from doing my duty. I am fortunate that I relieved you from the curse. I hope you live a good life ahead and go to heaven. “

And thus, the Apsara vanished into thin air. Now, Hanuman went again to the mountaintop and found the hermit. The hermit was shocked to see him alive and realized that there is no point in fighting or pretending anymore. He revealed his true form and started to fight with Hanuman immediately captured Kalnemi and held him closer to him. He threatened Kalanemi to tell him the directions or he would be killed. Kalanemi had no choice but to comply with the demands of Hanuman. He showed him the directions to the mountain Dronagiri. Hanuman carefully heard and remembered it. Then, he kicked him so hard that Kalanemi went and fell into the palace of Ravana.

Hanuman wasted no time and immediately went to the mountain. He could recognize the mountain but there were too many herbs and medicines there. Finding Sanjeevani among those herbs was a waste of time. It was too risky to pick a single herb and fail in that matter. Hence, he did what he could do best. He took the whole mountain in his hands and immediately flew to Lanka.

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