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Strategy To Stop The Unstoppable Indrajit

Strategy To Stop The Unstoppable Indrajit

Laxmana was finally healed. Indrajit’s attack of Brahmastra managed to brutally wound Laxmana but fate was on their side. The army fetched Sushen Vaidya quickly who told them that they would need a special herb called Sanjeevani that was found on the Dronagiri mountain to save Laxmana. The mountain was across the ocean so only Hanuman could go and fetch it. He immediately went. However, the path was not easy. He met Kalanemi who used magical powers to make an illusion of a mountain on which he sat. Hanuman was convinced to bathe in a lake on the mountain to which Hanuman agreed. A crocodile attacked him and he managed to kill the crocodile. The crocodile was a celestial apsara who was cursed by Sage Dusha. She also revealed the truth about Kalanemi and he was defeated. Finally, Hanuman was able to fetch the herb by uprooting the whole mountain and presenting it to Sushen vaidya.

Sushen Vaidya cured Laxmana and now, he was getting better each moment. After some time, they ensured that now the battle should be won by a different strategy and it is time to kill Indrajit. Indrajit had a boon that if he did a yagna before the war, he would never be defeated. Vibhishan said that the key to defeating him is to make sure that the Yagna never happens. So, the army now thought about how to make sure that the Yagna is hindered and Indrajit is on the battlefield without it.

Nal and Hanuman were chosen to make sure that the place of Yagna is under their surveillance. Their prime goal was to stop the Yagna anyhow. When the Yagna would not happen, Laxmana would kill Indrajit on the battlefield while Rama would take care of Ravana. The army would ensure that no one comes in between Laxmana and Indrajit and Laxmana can effectively defeat Indrajit by using his celestial weapons.

The strategy sounded perfect and Laxmana was now charged with fury, an urge for revenge, and an unfathomable desire to defeat this heinous demon. He started to meditate and remember all his skills and the warfare tactics that he had learned in his life. Since he had to rest, he could not go and actually practice them. He remembered each of the moves and the strategies. Rama saw this and now he was also assured that it is the end of Indrajit. Laxmana was a skilled warrior and it was only because of the Brahmastra that he would have not fought back.

Now that the Brahmastra was used and the Yagna would be hindered, there would be no chance in which Indrajit would be able to defeat Laxmana. Rama was reassured and now, he was thinking about Sita. It was a long before they met each other. He was missing her. Each day had gone in her memory and there was not a moment in which he would not remember her. But the day of the union was not far. They were soon going to meet.

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