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Sugriva Forgets To Keep His Promise To Rama

Sugriva Forgets To Keep His Promise To Rama

After a fierce battle, Sugriva had finally defeated Vali and Vali succumbed to the wound of the arrow that Rama had shot him. Vali had realized his mistake and he apologized. There was no peace in the kingdom and nothing to worry about. Sugriva could not thank Rama enough for this favour.

Just after they had helped Sugriva to kill Vali, they went back to a mountain called Malyawan. Sugriva did offer them everything and even welcomed them to stay in his palace as long as they want but Rama was a man of his word and he would not break the promise of his father that was made to Kaikeyi. So Sugriva ensured that he got a cave that would be ideal to serve them and live happily for the time being. They could not immediately start the search for Sita as it was the Rainy season and travel would be really difficult. Hence, both of them had to wait for the time being in months.

Sugriva went on to take the throne and his ministers like Hanuman made sure that the kingdom flourished. However, Sugriva also became more indulged in the pleasures of life and gradually became distracted. Rama and Lakshmana were counting days and each moment passed like a century for them. Rama felt so helpless but he was patient enough to understand the situation and act accordingly. Hence, they waited until the monsoon season ended. Each day, they expected some message from Sugriva.

A few days passed and Rama became discouraged and helpless. Lakshmana could not see his elder brother in such a state of mind and position. He was so furious that he pulled up his bow and told his brother,

“O Rama, it is enough now. This is not done. Months have passed and there is no message from Sugriva. Seems like he has forgotten our task and he needs to be reminded of this. I should not hold back myself and would take the harshest actions if he does not act now. Let me go and I shall make him pay the cost of deceiving us.“

Rama replied,

“O Little one, do not lose your temper like this. There is no need to pick the weapon and attack directly. War only brings losses to both sides. Anger is never the solution. You just go and remind him of his duty and I am sure that he would do the needful. If he does not, then we can think about revenge.”

Lakshmana agreed to this suggestion and went ahead to remind Sugriva of his promise. His anger and fierce nature were evident when he met Tara, Sugriva’s wife. Tara could read his anger and asked her what is wrong and what causes this fury. Lakshmana answers her and describes the position. Tara promises that Sugriva would stick to his word and there would be no need for any action from their side. Lakshmana returns to Lord Rama with this and then they wait for the message of Sugriva.

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