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Sugriva Meets Rama And Lakshmana

Sugriva Meets Rama And Lakshmana

After meeting Shabari, the brothers were recharged to continue on their journey to Kishkindha. They took the suggestion of Shabari and followed the path. However, it was an extremely long journey. They had almost reached the Rishyamukha mountain. As they reached there, they tried to search everywhere. They were looking for the mighty Sugriva. Alas, they could not spot him.

Rama felt miserable. He felt that he had failed his task to safeguard his wife and could not live up to his word. He started weeping inconsolably. He said to Lakshmana,

“O Lakshmana, I cannot bear this guilt and separation. I have tried everything and we are at the mountain but there is no sight of Sugriva. It is almost impossible to go and fight Ravana alone. I might be a well-trained warrior but I am no match for an army by myself. I do need support. I ask you to please return to Ayodhya and start ruling the kingdom. I would return only with Sita as and when it is possible.”

And with this, the lord broke into a fountain of tears and grief. Lakshmana saw this and could not bear the angst. After a while, he replied,

“O brother, I do understand the pain and grief you are going through. However, please gather yourself and be ready to fight this emotion as well as the mighty demon. We would find Sugriva and would defeat the demon. This is what I look up to you for. I know it is difficult but I am always with you and there is nothing we can not do. So do cheer up and lead the way. Take time to recharge but Sita needs you and so do I.”

Rama heard the support and the words of wisdom from his younger brother. He replied,

“O Lakshmana, you have given me enough courage to fight this angst and I cannot thank you enough for the support and the inspiration you always give me. I am now charged and ready to conquer any difficulty. I just needed a break and an outpour to handle myself. Thank you for the support. Now, we shall go to the top of this mountain and search every nook and corner of this mountain until we find the king. Let us go.”

And the two brothers started to go ahead on their path. Sugriva was looking at them from far away. He was in a confused state of mind. He had two thoughts about these two mighty warriors. He thought that these two warriors look sharp, agile, strong, and powerful. What if they are sent by Vali to defeat me?

Another thought crossed his mind, what if they are not sent by Vali and I can seek their help to defeat him and claim the throne? Considering both the possibilities, he called up a meeting with all his ministers and discussed the matter. They finally reached an agreement that it would be a good idea to send Hanuman to find out who these two warriors are and what brings them to Kishkindha. Thus, Hanuman got ready to meet these two brothers.

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