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Surasa - The Demon Who Got Outwitted By Hanuman

Surasa – The Demon Who Got Outwitted By Hanuman

Hanuman was reminded about his powers and now he had found the confidence as well as the way to cross the sea and accomplish the task of Lord Rama. He was full of gratitude to Jambavan for his advice and thanked him with all his heart. He could finally fly and he remembered all his powers. He soon bid farewell to his soldiers and flew towards Lanka. His path was simple but a challenge called Surasa awaited him while he flew to Lanka.

Hanuman started flying over the sea and soon, he was flying fast and stable. He had finally found his confidence in his abilities and could overpower and do anything. As he was flying, a mountain cried,

“Dear Hanuman, you must be tired of flying so long and so fast. Please rest on me for a while. I assure you that you would be able to resume your journey with a fresher mind and body.”

Hanuman replied,

“O Maineka mountain, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me such a place where I can rest and recharge myself. However, the urgency of the task I am given is such that I cannot afford to even spare an extra moment for rest. So kindly accept my apologies and let me go now. “

Mountain replied,

“O Son of Vayu, I see that nothing can stop you now. May you be successful in the task you are given. My prayers and best wishes shall be with you always.”

Hanuman thanked the mountain and soon flew over it. The mountain was not the only obstacle that he faced. Now, a tougher challenge awaited him. As he was flying, he saw a demoness come in front of him. Her name was Surasa.

Surasa said,

“O Soldier, I must eat you and not let you cross this path as I am blessed by Brahma that nothing can go ahead from this point unless they are in my mouth.“

Hanuman replied,

“O Demoness, I would have stopped and become your food if it was not the task of Lord Rama to reach Sita. Please let me go. I would definitely come back and become your food.“

Surasa told,

“Hanuman, I have been blessed by Brahma and it is impossible for you to go beyond this point. Defeat me or become my food and then you may pass this point!”

Hanuman had no choice but to agree to her demands. He grew 10 times his size and tried to go but Surasa grew 20 times her size and stopped him. This time, he grew 30 times in size while Surasa grew 40 times in her size. Hanuman thought on his toes and suddenly became the size of a thumb, went in her mouth and came back.

Surasa was impressed with this feat and blessed Hanuman to be successful in whatever he may accomplish in his life. She let her go and Hanuman resumed his journey to Lanka.

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