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Surya - God Of The Sun, Light And Day

Surya – God Of The Sun, Light And Day

A planet known to be mild malefic due to its hot and dry nature, Surya is the king of all planets. It is known as Atmakaraka. In Sanskrit, Atma means soul and Karaka means indicator. Sun is the giver of life, vitality, respect, honour, status, fame, ego and power. It is very strongly placed in the 10th house followed by the 1st, 4th and 7th house. 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are known as growing houses. They do not have a favourable influence of the sun on them. Pitta containing the fire and water element is considered as the nature of the temperament of the Sun.

Surya works very well with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius zodiac signs and is particularly very fond of Aries. Libra experiences a shortcoming of the Sun in its life cycle. Moon, Mars and Jupiter are the natural friends of the Sun whereas Rahu, Venus, Saturn and Ketu are the enemies of this planet. Constellations like Uttarashada, Uttara Phalguni and Kritika are ruled by Surya. He rules Leo sign in the zodiac. He takes an entire year to complete a round of all the zodiacs. He stays for 1 month in each person’s chart.

Sunday is considered to be an auspicious day for offering prayers to the sun. Ruby, red garnet, red spinel, any pink or red gem is ruled by the sun. It is said to be most beneficial when set in a base of gold metal. Gold is ruled by the sun and in fact, it is known as the metal of the sun itself pertaining to its shiny colour and properties. Sun rules the east direction as guided by the Vastushastra – a traditional Indian system of architecture.

Ravi or Surya is the god of living. Everyone can see him, perceive him and pray to him. Along with being a life-giver, he is also the one giving time. He gives resistance and immunity to his worshippers. He is responsible for our body and immune system. Apart from the qualities like brilliance, wit, will, intellect, he generously gives success, prosperity, growth in worldly affairs, wealth, conduct, good fortune, ambition, fame, wisdom, extensive knowledge of medicine and mainly understanding of the world. It overlooks the relationship of his devotees with temples and holy places and shrines in the world.

Sun governs the spinal cord in humans. It is linked to the left eye in women and the right eye in men. Surya also looks after the heart, lung, liver, head, nerves and bones. Surya Namaskar can be seen as a great way to take care of all these aspects. Amongst the various benefits of sun salutation, controlled sugar levels, better digestive system, body detox, reduces anxiety are some noteworthy keeping in mind the organs ruled by the sun.

Sun occupies the centre position which is most notable. This planet is the source of soul and fatherhood. He is known as the Pranadhata along with Atmakarana. People are advised to perform Surya Namaskar on a daily basis to strengthen bones, cure illness and stay fit and healthy. Some people also believe Surya Namaskar helps devotees to get rid of their sins and achieve fame and wealth. A lot of devotees also offer water to the sun when it is rising as a form of prayer for a successful and healthy life.

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